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    She sits behind her desk as the C.E.O. of Onyx Management Group and Red Carpet Production, yet if you’ve ever seen her perform, you know the special gift that lies within her. Her gift is a special, endearing voice that seems to draw you in with every note.

    “The gift of song for me is like the gift of breath—God given and God sustained. If I can remember that, I can offer it without reservation and without hesitation, because our gifts must be shared.

    Ofie is an eclectic mix of cultures. Born and partially raised in New York, she lived her most formative years in Ghana, West Africa. She is blessed with a style which mixes musical influences from her homelands to offer a soulful, rhythmic blend of tones. Thanks to her unique background, her inspirational and powerful music delivery cuts through all social and age barriers.

    “Music offers new experiences for me to explore daily, and gives me the opportunity to interact with some incredible people. That’s how I am blessed. To be able to share the gift and see it bring peace, joy or even a tear to someone means that I am being used by God, that he is touching someone’s heart through me. How humbling is that?”

    Those opportunities will continue to grow as Ofie introduces her debut CD, “The Essence,” a diverse blend of life-inspired songs that speak of living and loving life, family, mankind and God.

    “We are driven by the relationships that surround us. The key is to make sure these relationships are positive and healthy…not easy stuff!”

    Ofie has been performing around the world for the past twenty-five years and has performed on such shows as BET’s “Walk of Fame” and “Celebration of Gospel”. She also performed on the live production of “Restorations” in London with the widely acclaimed artist Muyiwa and his group Riversongz. She made quite an impact on the Accra music scene this past year, performing at Joe’s Bar at the Oak Plaza Hotel, Smollensky’s Rooftop Bar & Grill and +233 Jazz Bar.

    Now, Ofie can be found performing regularly at Taverna Tropicana, where she is now business partner and co-manager with owner Nikolic Pavle.

    “Becoming a partner at Taverna Tropicana is one of the most exciting things I have ever done. Not only do I get to combine my passions for music, live entertainment and good food, but I get to do so in one of the coolest establishments in Accra. It’s great! We have a huge opportunity to further enhance the performing arts scene in Accra. It’s not only a place where you will find a great weekly entertainment roster, but also a place where performing artists can come and share their art. Singers, poets, writers …anyone can come and share their gift and sit in.“

    Ofie also supports a number of social causes. She’s particularly passionate about the Sophie’s Voice Foundation (SVF). SVF is a charitable organization established in 2008 by actors Boris Kodjoe and Nicole Ari-Parker, after their daughter Sophie was born diagnosed with Spina Bifida.

    The organization is based in the U.S. and raises funds to assist under-privileged families impacted by Spina Bifida by providing them with financial assistance for surgery and other medical expenses.

    In 2009, when Boris and Nicole visited Accra, they established Sophie’s Voice Ghana and named Ofie their representative. In Ghana, where neural tube defects are also associated with social stigma’s, the need for education and the implementation of support systems is essential. Sophie’s Voice Ghana not only seeks to raise funds for programs to support the medical and financial needs of these families, but also raises awareness about Spina Bifida and other neural tube defects and provides education on prevention and management.

    Ofie also supports Basics International, an organization based in Chorkor, Accra. Basics International has ambitious goals: to eradicate child slavery and promote literacy and education among the under-privileged youth in this low-income area of Accra.

    Many of these children do not have access to adequate food, shelter, healthcare or basic education. They face the most difficult economic conditions, and their survival is a daily challenge. Limited access to education is driven by economic, social and cultural factors.

    In December 2010, Ofie participated in Girls Speak Out, a concert presented at Alliance Française, to help raise funds for the completion of the Basics International school building, set up social benefit programs, and support the girls boarding house in Chorkor.

    Ofie also participated in Love Your World 5000, a concert presented by PlanitGhana. The purpose of the fundraiser was to raise funds for autism awareness, education and support of The Autism Awareness Care and Training Centre in Ghana. The event was held at the prestigious Citizen Kofi Entertainment Center in Osu, and was supported by other artists such as Paulina Oduro, Fritz, Prince Mydas and Sherita.

    Ofie was recently honored, along with other key women in entertainment and media, during the Ivana Elle Coutoure Fashion Celebration on December 30th, 2010, for her accomplishments in music and entertainment, for her work on social issues and for being a positive role model in Ghana today.

    “I love this thing I do; this gift I share; the feelings of peace, joy, love, anger and pain that God presents through me. All these emotions are necessary, because through them the process of healing begins.”


    The Essence, 2008


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