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    Jam Master Jay & Kaakie, step up

    by Arnold Asamoah-Baidoo
    posted Wednesday, 31 October 2012 15:03| 0 Comments

    I acknowledge that Jam Master Jay (JMJ) is one of the inventive young producers in the country – but seriously, which producer in this era will call himself Jam Master Jay?

    Especially when we all know that Jam Master Jay was a legendary DJ with the legendary hip-hop group RUN DMC together with Rev. Run and DMC. It’s like having a young budding rapper call himself Notorious B.I.G or Tupac Shakur. Are you crazy?

    For the sake of originality, you can even tilt the name a little like Jay-So and call yourself Jam Master Ato, Jam Master Atta or Jam Master Kojo or Jam Master something, but Jam Master Jay? You must be kidding me!

    The name is not even my bone of contention with Jam Master Jay from Ghana; it is with his production credits for Kaakie. He has and is still doing such an incredible job for Kaakie with four or so hit singles in a spate of months. My issue, is with the fact that all the songs produced for Kaakie have the same production pattern, they virtually sound the same.

    The same production or instrumentation pattern is heard on ‘Toffee Pon Tongue’, ‘Too Much’, ‘Logoligi’ and ‘DC Ton Up’ – and it is really galling. And before I could pen this critique, I heard a new song ‘Body Flame’ by Samini and Kaakie with the same beat produced by whom? JMJ Baby!

    JMJ, do challenge your artiste by producing new beats for her and let her tinker with them to show her versatility and please stop giving the same beats to different artistes. I don’t blame JMJ; after all, the typical Ghanaian producer who gets one hit will produce the same beat for 10 other artistes – go ask Appietus.

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