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    Top 10 most hated GH. musicians

    by Nii Atakora Mensah, Ghana Music.com
    posted Saturday, 30 August 2008 23:32| 3 Comments

    Photo: JiveThere are lots of unloved but yet friendly musicians out there who people can’t help but cheer these days. But who wants to read a list of the most much-loved musicians when they can rather read the opposite of it.

    Here’s a list of the most hated figures in the Ghana music industry. It was really tough to narrow this list down and everyone is entitled to his/her opinion. Hate it or love it!!!.

    10. Diana Hopeson: Her trademark ‘Anago’ headgear always makes you think she is carrying so much load on her head. She should be able to realize that her time is over. Where are her age mates like Stella Seal (Dugan), Bernice Ofei, Helena Rhabbles and co? Since she took the presidency seat of MUSIGA, we still haven’t seen a change in the music industry oooh, the ‘quarrels’ are still on going.

    9. Tinny: For starters, one of his nicknames is “Aletse Kankpe” or “Aletse” which literally means “father of knowledge” and people think that has bloated his ego. To cut this short, Tinny has always been arrogant and is still arrogant. Am close to him but people who are not close have made this claim and still stand by it. And you know what makes this funny ? Tinny does not care whether people hate him or not, he is still able to pull crowd.

    8. Kokovelli: Anyone who liked the Trinity boys could also point an odd one out. Well, he always yelled his signature - Zaa Za Zaza Zaza. He’s already a big artiste on radio, shows and TV yet everyone seems to agree he has no talent. To his credit, he did come up with a dance that reigned in the late 90s. Luck is the best word that has to be bestowed unto Kokovelli, he had one of the best productions – Lisarf Music, was cruising a 5 series BMW at a young age, flossing around and had so many girls at his feet.

    7. Reggie Rockstone: He flatly promised that he was retiring from the music scene as he proclaimed hiplife was in trouble. I wasn’t at the Fat Joe and Omarion show but what is that I heard he stooped so low to open the show for Omarion not even Fat Joe. (I guess people will remember when he was put on bill for the Jay Z concert in Ghana and refused it that Sean Carter should pay him respects by opening the stage for him or introduce him to the audience) and that’s just part of why the hiplife legend gets the ‘hateration’ treatment.

    6. Obour: Call him the Diddy of the music industry. To be plain with Bice, some of his lines are wack and it’s always running faster than the beat. Anyway, he is a smart ass dude and always using music to ‘curtain raise’ his projects and always ends up getting the ¢¢¢¢¢¢¢¢¢. So people please don’t hate, like they always say it’s all about the benjamins. Question: Obour, have you consider retiring from the game. Answer: Naah, it’s because of the love I have for the game.

    5. Alhaji Sidiku Buari: Up till date, he is the most feared man in the Ghanaian music industry. He is best at taking people to court and always winning. You dare write or talk something bad about him, which is even true, he will have his own way of winning. What a world!!! And I hear he has bought most of the musicians so that makes him their mouthpiece.

    4. Czar: Despite how many people like his song, “Araba Lawson”, most other people don’t feel the same. After people heard he was a spare parts dealer at Abbosey Okai and was making lots of cash there. They think he should stick his nose there rather. The main reason why music fans were not down with Czar was his ‘class one’ rhymes - Fly, fly, oh fly. This girl gonna make you fly. “So beautiful like butterfly. Touch my body, Mr starch. Yes, I no dey lie. Menya no a, sweetie pie. Pie pie”. Why does he think we want to shout our nursery rhymes and poems again.

    3. Kontihene: This rapper sings and raps which I think makes him versatile and has made him brig out good songs. But if you near him, you will know who really he is. Radio DJs, managers, TV stations, event organizers and all bodies that that work in line with Ghanaian music will tell you really he is. People don’t move with Kontihene because he has a very bad attitude – always having issues here and there no wonder he does not have so many Ghanaian musicians as pals. And what did I hear that his last manager, Micky Osei Berko (Master Richard) bolted away with his money, hmmm.

    2. Mzbel: Miss Elizabeth may have enjoyed a successful year as the best female artiste, but it wasn’t that long time ago when she was almost ‘devoured’ by male KNUST students when she performing and was paid a surprised visit by unannounced guests at her premises. The term sex and nudity sells, is what Mzbel and her dancers have employed in their promotional strategy. Most females hate Mzbel because she is very trashy and does not  add classiness to her sexiness and style.

    1. Samini: For Emmanuel Samini I don’t know why people envy him for his hard earned stardom. The guy worked his ‘ass’ to the top, so why. It’s so funny, his own music peers talk behind him but hail him when he is on stage commanding the audience. Are you guys for real. Eeeei, MTN even made it worse when they made him in icon in their company and he later started cruising a black Land Cruiser on black rims.

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