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    Ghana Music.com reviews 'Saa Okodie No' by Sarkodie featuring Obrafour

    by Nii Atakora Mensah, Ghana Music.com
    posted Wednesday, 11 January 2012 19:41| 2 Comments

    The "Rapperholic" album launch on 25th December, 2011 received generally mixed to positive assessments from music critics.

    The real surprise of the album however was released on the first day of the year 2012, Duncwills Entertainment introduced the first official single and video of the album which was produced by Hammer of The Last Two, the man responsible for grooming Sarkodie from underground rapper to mainstream artiste. Watch Saa Okodie by Sarkodie feat. Obrafour

    The song which features Obrafour, portrays Sarkodie as the king of the sky (eagle) approved and certified by the most influential figure in hiplife (Obrafour); handing over power to the undoubtedly talented Sarkodie. Listen to Saa Okodie by Sarkodie feat. Obrafour

    Sarkodie arrives after Hammer's legendary intro with an unusual layback delivery, with on point lyrics.

    In the first verse, Sarkodie starts by expressing a typical hardcore bragging delivery as he says he shocked his audience with his introduction to the music industry and that the end result speaks for itself. Then goes on to acknowledge Hammer as the source and offers him a glass of champagne.

    With double rhyming technics, he goes on to confirm himself as Hammer's most impressive student, while hammer responds in agreement.

    The latter part of the first verse then pays tribute to Obrafour's 1999 debut “Pae Mu Ka” as the greatest hiplife album of all time.

    Obrafour undoubtedly put Sarkodie before him as the one to carry the hiplife mantle into the future, as he delivers one of the best hooks known to hiplife.

    The last verse of Sarkodie however displays lyrical superiority with intricate and polysyllabic rhymes, as he marries the beat effortlessly. He then humbly pays respect to Hammer of the last two for changing his life to what he is today.

    He also reminds Obour to learn to compromise as conflict of interest may set in with his appointment as the president of MUSIGA.

    In conclusion, this song reminds us that the real hiphop is not dead in Ghana.

    Other songs on "Rapperholic" will be reviewed in the coming months.

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