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    Best 35 songs of Jay Q

    by Nii Atakora Mensah, Ghana Music.com
    posted Tuesday, 25 August 2009 16:13| 0 Comments

    What I can say is that Jay Q is coming hard this year and beyond. By now, most of us can say that Jay Q is not only a jama sound engineer/producer. What do you think of the Castro’s latest song, “Concentrate” Every time Jay Q floods the music scene with his songs, we all get that itch.

    For some years now, Jay Q has been ploughing his trade in UK and USA which shows that his works are everywhere. Lovers of Ghanaian music also think that Jay Q needs to pop up once a while to remind his people that he is still breaking bottles.

    Jay Q’s output in most songs has given him notable spots like Ghana Music Award winner (2003) and other awards.

    What I can also say is that much of Jay Q’s accomplishment with his songs has revolved around shaping an artist's musical identity also. Instead of just giving a musician a beat to sing, he helps with the vocal content too.

    Jay Q's tutelage has been to help artistes like Castro, Shilo, Buk Bak who have varying degrees of success.

    “Bone Shaker by Castro”, is an example of the recognizable song and value of the good Jay Q’s skills. Castro took the core of the song and turned it into his own freestyle/performance anthem. Another example is “Ahomka Womu”, he crafted the track that breathed so softly that it required VIP to drive the song through lyrics and performance.

    Jay Q's relationship with artistes has been exceptional and he also maintained a steady presence on their albums that has not only built the engineer's identity but that of an entire genre; from the old to the new school. In other words Jay Q has crafted sounds that from the Daddy Lumbas to the Ofori Amponsahs and our country neighbour Nigerian musician, 9nice on his remix of ‘Gongo Aso’ all appreciate.

    Credit Jay Q for playing quality beats but he has also revealed his top 35 songs engineered/produced which is listed below.

    1. Komi Ke Kena by Buk Bak

    2. Rana Sanla by VIP

    3. Ate We Ne Ayira by G Life

    4. Alangajoa by George Jahraa

    5. Eye Ntoboasee by Charles Eloh

    6. Monkey Chop Banana by Nkasei

    7. Okoro by Nkasei

    8. Chigilingi by Buk Bak

    9. I’m Going To Come by Buk Bak

    10. Ahomka Womu by VIP

    11. Sikletele by 4x4

    12. Sradenam by Castro

    13. Aaye Fe Notse (remix) by King David

    14. Wone Me Baby by Mad Fish

    15. Obaano by Kwaadee

    16. Esi by Kontihene

    17. Oluman Boogie by FBS

    18. 16 Years by Mzbel

    19. Ngboo (remix) by Josh Laryea

    20. I Am Blessed (remix) by Philipa Baafi

    21. Toffee by Castro

    22. Jacket by Praye

    23. Kwame Ko by Ofori Amponsah

    24. Bonwire Kente by Ofori Amponsah

    25. Shine Your Eyes by Obour

    26. Adjoa (remix) by Obour & A. B. Crentsil

    27. Tintin To by Okyeame Kwame by Daasebre Dwamena

    28. Power by Daddy Lumba

    29. African Woman by Kokovelli

    30. Besin by VIP

    31. My Love by VIP featuring 2 Face

    32. You 4 Know by Buk Bak

    33. Koti by Triple M

    34. Wo Ye Onyame by Dentaa

    35. Na Who by Dr. Poh

    Fast forward to 2009 and by now Jay Q had refined his production approach. Wait till you hear the new VIP, the rest I won’t mention.

    Some years back Jay Q choked the industry with songs and it will be no surprise if he does it this year and beyond again.


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