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    Who owns the right to ‘Azonto Ghost’ soundtrack?

    by Kwame Dadzie
    posted Tuesday, 12 March 2013 22:24| 0 Comments

    The issue of who owns the right to songs has become topical of late. Is it a matter of copyright or a matter of common sense?

    It still beats the minds of many why a song that was meant to be a mere soundtrack to a movie has gained much popularity in the music circles than even most mainstream songs.

    But take it or leave it Bisa’s ‘Azonto Ghost’ song has crept steadily into the hearts of many music lovers and has even gained nomination in this year’s Ghana Music Awards for best Hiplife Song of the Year.

    This is a soundtrack that was done for a movie produced by Mustapha Adams.

    It is presumed that for a soundtrack like that, the executive producer paid for their entire production, even though the lyrics may have been written or produced by the artiste.

    Bisa couldn’t have produced the entire concept for the songs. The song is actually themed along the storyline of the movie. Except if Bisa was the writer of the story for the movie. Presumably, he did the song in tandem with the movie’s storyline. So there wouldn’t have been any Azonto Ghost song without the Azonto Ghost movie.

    Now that he has been nominated for the award, who takes the credit? Who owns the song?

    Even before his nomination, he had performed on a couple of platforms and may have had financial benefits.

    Is the song for Bisa or the producer of the movie?

    This is an artiste who from nowhere has gotten somewhere through a soundtrack he did for a movie. Could it even be that he did that soundtrack without taking a dime from the producer just because he wanted exposure?

    Whose is the ‘Azonto Ghost’ soundtrack? Bisa, the singer or the producer, Mustapha Adams?

    Please go find the answer for me.  I will be back!

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