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    Ban D2’s ‘Thank God It’s Friday’

    by Kwame Dadzie, flexghana.com
    posted Saturday, 23 March 2013 03:01| 0 Comments

    Alcoholism is killing a lot of people in our society hence the need to intensify the education to pare it down to the barest minimum.

    While some individuals, non-governmental organizations, religious bodies and media houses are campaigning against it, others are also promoting it.

    The Music for Development in Ghana Music Awards has shored up the willingness of musicians to compose songs that have positive bearings on society. More musicians now would do a song on social issues to add to tracks on their albums. However, as typical of human, some bad nuts are doing their best to destroy people by using music to promote alcoholism.



    My question is if we retch at songs with sexually explicit lyrics, why allow songs that promote drunkenness on our radio and TV stations?

    That 'Thank God It's Friday' song by D2 is one that is going to influence people negatively to drink their heads off, it is going to increase the carnage on our roads as drivers are also likely to drink by listening to the song and is going to increase alcohol related ailments like lung, liver and heart complications. It is going to increase cases of social vices, ranging from spousal battery, rape to hooliganism.

    Listening to the song, it implores the listeners to go get alcohol to drink because it is Friday. Friday is not the end of the world so why do you want to kill yourself with alcohol? You may think I am assuming a higher moral grounds but the fact is I am against debauchery life styles, not because I don’t personally take alcohol but because it destroys the human body. I care about the health of Ghanaians.

    If we were bold to condemn Chris Brown’s baloney on stage, why do we sit aloof and watch D2 corrupt the people? Or do we want another American act to come to Ghana to promote alcoholism before we realize it is a bad practice?

    I am calling for that song to be banned by powers that be, except if we don’t have such powers in the country. D2 should be used as scapegoats. After the song has been banned, I will be back.

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