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    Kwaw Kese loses focus with 'Fle Fle'

    by Ebenezer Narh Affum, flexghana.com
    posted Monday, 01 April 2013 22:40| 0 Comments

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    I am very happy to be a writer but whenever I have to pick up my ''diabolic'' pen to write about the irresponsible conduct of any of our celebrities, I become very sad.

    I would have wished to write about only positive things. But here am I, about to scribble down some sense into the thick head of an artiste who has been very irresponsible.

    For the purposes of this article, I am zooming in on Kwaw Kese. Undoubtedly, Kwaw Kesse happens to be one of the topmost artistes so far as Hiplife music in Ghana is concerned. He has really done his best to promote the genre of music and in doing so; he has been able to win so many awards.

    He calls himself names like ''Mad Insane'',''Crazy'' and ''Abodam'' and sincerely I have no problem if his crazy nature is depicted in his stage performances. However, my concern comes up if his crazy nature will lead him astray and end up with him engaging in unacceptable activities. For those of you who follow closely what transpires on the music scene, I am very sure you may have heard or listened to Kwaw Kese's ''fle fle'' track.

    I have listened to the track many times and I am very disappointed. In as much as some musicians in other parts of the world use music to insult other musicians, a phenomenon known as ''dissing'', I sincerely think this practice should not be encouraged in Ghana. For me, I know music is meant to educate, inform and entertain its listeners but not to insult.

    Listening critically to the ''fle fle'' song, I asked myself so many questions. 'Why the need for all these insults? And who is the insults directed at?” Without dwelling on the verses of the song, the chorus alone is an insult. It`s quite surprising why a musician like Kwaw Kese would do such a thing.

    I know Kwaw Kese has a management team but is it a case that his management team sees nothing wrong with the song? What about the sound engineer who worked on the song? Was he only thinking of how much he was going to be paid? Without doubt,''ohi3 fle fle'' is an insult in the Ga language.

    Using the name of God in such a song was unfortunate. I know a Gospel song could be sang in the dance hall vein but saying it carelessly that God dances to dancehall was quite unnecessary. Of what musical importance is it to say that John, Peter, Paul and God after praying, resort to playing football?

    Is it as a result of lack of lyrics or what? On this track of insults, he featured an artiste whose name I could not find. Is it not quite surprising that a new artiste who would want to be noticed on the music scene would stoop so low and engage himself actively in a fruitless activity of putting down insulting lyrics and spending hours in the recording studio to insult on a song?

    To end the track, I hear Kwaw Kese referring to some people as fools and also spitting on them. If we would continue to refer to Kwaw Kese as a star or celebrity in Ghana, then we are not serious as a country. Kwaw Kesse has countless times proved that he is not a celebrity or a role model but a ''crazy'' person who does things anyway. I know he sometimes engages in socially responsible campaigns but I am forced to believe that such things do not in any way qualify anyone to be tagged as a celebrity.

    What happens if a ''crazy'' man begins to be socially responsible, do we call him a celebrity? Kwaw Kese should know that in as much as he is seen as a celebrity, that should serve as a check on him not to engage in certain excesses.

    Music is a great tool that should be used for the good of the society rather than to insult. To make matters worse, Kwaw Kese performs this song of insults at shows. Try your best to listen to the song and you would know exactly why I am so mad at Kwaw Kese.

    To Kwaw Kese, his management team, the sound engineer who worked on the song, the artiste he featured and to all those who ''enjoy'' the song, I say ''shame unto you''.There are better songs to listen to and Kwaw Kese should know better. I rest my case.

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