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    Kwaadee breaks lose: Walks on Kumasi streets

    by Samuel A. Baah, Flex Newspaper
    posted Monday, 01 April 2013 22:40| 0 Comments


    The search for Kwadee by a Kumasi based radio station K-FM has revealed so many disturbing information about the man who brought the world hits like kwaadee, boys boys, Abena ye me mpena and many more.

    When information came out that Jerry Anaba aka Okomfo Kwadee was suffering from a mental ailment, it was received with mixed feelings as some people believed it and others thought it was one of those media stunts done by the entertainment media to hype and promote artistes. Accusations and counter accusations came from left, right, centre all on the madness of the artistes.

    Even at a point in time, some pundits felt all was well with him when he mounted the national theatre stage to perform close to two hours at his come back “me a me nie” concert. After that, he was heard playing one or two gigs in town but unfortunately things did not work out well.

    Therefore during his entertainment show last Saturday in Kumasi on K-FM, James Oberko was asking about the artiste and what he is up to as far as his career was concerned. Jamester as his peers call him in the radio fraternity told Flex newspaper on phone that, when they reached Kwadee`s manager Eric on phone before going on air, he categorically stated that he and Kwadee parted ways on the 7th of January this year. “Kwadee left his manager Eric to Kumasi to live with his parents in Kumasi” he told James on radio.

    It was during the phone in section of the programme that real facts started coming out from callers who have been seeing Okomfuo Kwadee in Kumasi, a popular barbering shop located inside Santaasi. According to the callers, they normally see Kwadee walking idle and aimlessly in the community and sitting around that barbering shop. There were some Santaase residents who claimed they have been seeing Kwadee at a popular wee joint smoking his herbs like nobody`s business.

    It can also be recalled that Kwadee`s mother has revealed on Peace fm`s Entertainment Review some months back that we should not believe anybody who says Kwadee is not mad because all those saying that are hiding the truth from coming out about the madness of the rap artiste. She also confirmed that it was the smoking of weed which really made Kwadee mad and nothing else, so the public and his fans should not be deceived by anybody who calls himself a manager or whatever.

    This is a humble appeal from Flex newspaper. Can the Musicians Union of Ghana (Musiga) intervene to make sure kwadee enjoys some kind of rehabilitation by qualified people as part of their welfare for musicians in Ghana?

    I am suggesting this because when Kwadee dies today, Musiga and its executives will make a donation to the family for the funeral rites of the musician. If they can donate money to old musicians who are suffering from sickness or old age, then I presume they can also go a long way to support Kwadee from this shameful malady of madness and streets walking aimlessly.

    We live to see how Kwadee`s madness plays out as concerned members in the music industry join forces to seek his well being.


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