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    “Edem`s Heyba video is demonic”

    by Samuel A. Baah, Flex Newspaper
    posted Monday, 01 April 2013 23:00| 0 Comments

    Edem's Heyba music video'

    A section of some bible believing people have described Edem: formerly Ayigbe Edem`s “Heyba” video as very satanic and demonic, therefore they are about to wage a campaign against the video to prevent it from being shown on some free to air television stations.

    This information was made known to Flex newspaper when our reporters chanced on a group of gospel singers at the Silver Bird cinema when they observed their Total Worship event last Sunday.

    The event was a worship experience by a group of young music ministers who came together to worship at an atmosphere not known for worship activities.

    In a chat with some of the patrons who made it to the event, they stated clearly that musicians from both the secular and the gospel divide are doing well with their videos currently but they were also quick to admit that some of them are not to be given space or airtime on some television stations. Probing them further, our reporter pushed them to mention those videos they consider should not be given airtime on Ghanaian television. This is where they crucified Edem and 5Five`s video without judgement. Read what they said to the Flex reporter verbatim. Richmond Ababio acted as their spokesperson.

    “Actually, when we heard that 5Five`s “gargantuan body” video has been banned from television, we were so glad and we thanked God that some television station bosses were being responsible this time. That video is very dirty to say the least so I wonder which television station will show it to their audience. I have been seeing it on digital television stations like Fiesta Tv and Homebase tv and I wonder why they can stoop so low with their channel. With Edem`s Heyba video, the least said about it the better because it is satanic and demonic if you ask me.

    If parents allow their children to continuously see that video, I am sure they might be possessed or they might keep fear in them at night. We know what video or camera effects are but what Edem was showing in that video is none of the above. As much as there were some effects in there, there were also many satanic scenes in the video which is not suitable for minors especially. The scenes where blood overflowed a cup and where a fetish priestess was chanting are all pure satanic and demonic.

    I know those who are not Christians will never believe what I am saying but if they believe spiritual things like we do, nobody will watch that video. We wish to speak to some Christian television bosses to desist from showing the video on their channels because they can affect minors who see such videos. Edem and his people should believe what they believe in and leave the public out of their evil intentions” the group added.

    To make the education and the concept of the video better understood by the general public, Flex newspaper promises to speak to Edem, his management and the director of the video to explain to fans. Continue reading next week for more.

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