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    Why worship that Jesus - Nacy

    by Samuel A. Baah, Flex Newspaper
    posted Tuesday, 16 April 2013 23:07| 0 Comments

    One cannot tell strictly how many people are aware of this fact, but unlike Nacy and what he does in the entertainment industry especially when it comes to criticizing people, he is sending this  short and simple message out but with a weight heavy enough to knock some pastors, churches and men of God down.

    If we will go by what we have been seeing on calenders, movies and posters as the real image of Jesus Christ, then the world is either about to or have proven the Bible wrong.

    It is written that Jesus Christ was created in the form of human beings but no one has seen him before.

    Even in some verses, the Bible describes him as a light our eyes cannot see and will not be able to stand his brightness.

    If that is the case, then why are we being misled by one Italian painter/ artist Michael Angelo  who has painted the face of one person who is being worshiped in churches and by individuals as Jesus Christ of Nazareth.

    Even according to Blakk Rasta, the man  whose face Angelo painted was a drug addict and a homosexual to be worshiped by men, he believes Jesus is a black man and that his real name is “Yeshua Amashur”.

    The worry of the award winning sound engineer and the president of No Tribe Nacy is the fact that people are willingly worshiping that picture depicting Jesus Christ but are not worshiping the picture of Majid Michel who has also acted in a similar movie in Ghana called “Agony of the christ”. Listen to how Nacy spat out venom when he spoke to Flex newspaper in his office last Monday.

    “This is something that has been on my mind ever since I became matured. The Bible says we must worship him in spirit and in truth and that alone means we are worshiping the creator of the universe. If that is the case, why are we worshiping some pictures on calenders, in movies and all those things. To me those people are mere actors like Majid and Van Vicker so why are churches and some individuals worshiping them as Jesus Christ. Our people need to be enlightened and this is my worry that I wish all should know.

    “We should believe that there is the existence of Christ, but that image of an actor being worshiped is a big mistake”. It is the media which is powerful enough to help me in this crusade so I wish somebody will also support in this crusade. Let`s stop worshiping foreign actors as Jesus Christ because they are not” Nacy told Flex newspaper.

    Meanwhile, he was grateful to all media people who have supported him to come this far whiles acknowledging the fact that No Tribe is now signed on to a new international management firm called Sing Out Media based in London (U.K).

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