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    Our musicians don’t have nationwide presence

    by Reagan O. O. Sarfo, flexghana.com
    posted Thursday, 09 May 2013 09:46| 0 Comments

    Most musicians in Ghana lack equipoise in their music career as regards their popularity in all parts of the country.

    Only a handful can be recognized on the streets of Accra and other parts of the country but yet they all call themselves “music stars”.

    Last two weeks at the Jackson’s Park in Koforidua, it was clearly observed that most of our hiplife and gospel musicians are not who they think they are or haven’t achieved the kind of stardom they believe they have achieved.

    Today the issue of musicians who have carved their niche only in Accra has become worthy of discussion. There are so many factors that have led to musicians not having nationwide popularity and one of these is the fact that most of our artistes today have boxed themselves with shows or events in Accra only.

    Of course, Accra is the capital of Ghana, where everything goes on in terms of promotion, investments, and so on but that does not make Accra “Ghana.”

    It`s high time individual artistes, promoters and management realized this. Sometimes I ask myself, the motive(s) behind regional tours of artistes because I don’t understand why the management or artiste promoter will pick his artiste from Accra to say Kumasi and instead of providing for him/her a platform that will get them closer to the mass of the people, they rather end up in night clubs and pubs where a few people are gathered losing the opportunity of selling the image of the artiste to the people in that particular region.

    Again, I think the artistes themselves apart from not branding themselves well in their promotions in all the regions of the country, only pay attention to events organized by some few event companies in the capital and treat those that come from the smaller communities anyhow, thinking perhaps the media will not be there to monitor such shows and so put up all sorts of bad or indiscipline attitude toward organizers of such events.

    But these events add up to your image because the more you get closer to the people in the smaller communities, the higher your fan base and then you get well recognized not by your hit track but also by your appearance.

    That done, you can tag yourself as a “Ghanaian star” because by then you will be known nationally by name, by image, and by your songs. Anything apart from that makes you a radio or TV personality and such musicians will always have problem especially on stage because they will not be admired until the DJ drops their hit tracks.

    The likes of Qweci Oteng, R2bees, EL, Danso Abiam, Chris Waddle, Bisa K Dei are all suffering from this problem and this was exposed at the nominees jam in Koforidua.

    Trust this reporter that they are not the only musicians suffering from this. I can mention a lot of musicians in the industry today who have tagged themselves with all kind of glorious names or titles but are not known anywhere except Accra and maybe Kumasi.

    Our musicians haven’t arrived but sadly enough they believe they have. I can confidently say we have just about a handful of musicians who can be classified as “STARS”, the rest are all still in the making.

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