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    Shatta Wale, Shut up or else?

    by Ebenezer Narh Affum, flexghana.com
    posted Wednesday, 29 May 2013 10:33| 1 Comments

    In what can be described as an unfortunate behavior coming from an arrogant adult, Shatta Wale a.k.a Bandana has taken a swipe at Ghana's Dancehall Queen, Kaakie and Charterhouse for reasons best known to himself.

    After deservedly losing the Reggae Dancehall Song of the Year Award to Kaakie, the best thing that Shatta Wale could do was to use the twitter platform to inflict unnecessary insults on the female diva as well as Charterhouse.

    In registering his displeasure, these are some of the insults and nasty comments that Shatta Wale, who claims to have a huge following, found time to mete out on Kaakie and Charterhouse.

    ''Fuck Ghana music industry. Fuck Charterhouse and I mean this from my heart. I don't need them in any way. Big up to all Shatta Wale fans. Fucking hypocrites, liars, sons and daughters of Satan. I hope they sleep and don't wake up''.

    'Charterhouse should be used for a public toilet …I don't need any award in GH or any nomination…fuck Ghana music industry''.

    '   'Fuck Kaakie who can't even write her own music and fuck her smelling pussy…I know how they did this. But trust me, we know how to handle this''.

    ''This time I will direct people to the nearest public toilet…Charterhouse''.    ''I don't need awards cuz I got my own money, 3 cars and a house…Fuck you all haters..Foolish villagers on twitter….awards my foot''.

    First of all, who the hell does Shatta Wale think he is? He should spare us all these nonsense. There was no way ''Shatta City'' could have won the Reggae Dancehall Song of the Year award. How much airplay has the song received? How many radio presenters and DJs even know of the song? Is the song not only known at places like Karldolf, Tawala Beach, Vienna City, De temple and some small pubs and nightclubs?

    Comparing the so-called popularity of ''Shatta City'' to that of Kaakie's ''Toffee pon tongue'', I am happy Kaakie won that award. Shatta Wale's ''Shatta City'' does not come near 'Toffee pon tongue''.Speaking of nationwide popularity, ''Shatta City 'does not even come near Eazzy's ''Go Go Wind'' and Samini's ''Time Bomb''.

    Congrats to Kaakie. This is the right time for Shatta Wale to keep mute and correct all the negative aspects of his music career.  His career promises to be very successful only if he changes his attitude. His nomination for the Reggae Dancehall Song of the Year award was even uncalled for.

    If Shatta Wale really does not need any award or nomination in Ghana as he claims, then organizers of the BASS AWARDS should not make the mistake of considering him for any award.

    Shatta Wale should shut up or else I would do so for him. I rest my case.

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