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    Why we enjoyed this year`s VGMAs

    by Samuel A. Baah, Flex Newspaper
    posted Wednesday, 29 May 2013 09:33| 1 Comments

    This is a promise we made on social network facebook that though many writers have written about the Vodafone Ghana Music Awards, when the guys at Flex newspaper release their version of the gargantuan event, we will know the people who really attended the event.

    So if you have been reading this paper chronologically, may be you might have read about Kwame Dadzie`s concise, precise and detailed coverage of the event already.

    Any way, what you are about to read is what we have decided to term the exceptions because they are side issues which made the event thick and enjoyable.

    Hope you are ready to enjoy my roller coaster from the conference centre to our office in Sowutuom.

    First, why were there so many allegations that some musicians had been rejected from performing initially, yet we saw almost all of them on the stage apart from Samini who could not mount the stage obviously because of contractual issues.

    Who were those people fueling such allegations? We remember hearing and reading from some quarters that Fuse ODG will not be performing yet he was on the stage with that wild dancer doing his own thing. Again, it was alleged that the C.E.O of Mad Time entertainment will also not perform but when it mattered most on the night, he was seen ironing his mad shirt ready for a performance. Whether he was impressive or not, am sure we will leave that one to Kwame Dadzie to sort things out.

    K.O.D did very well but his introduction from the drums to some people was not on point, because they have seen him on several occasions playing the same rhythm. May be he should have tried playing another rhythm or was that his attempt to kill the tension in the auditorium? Senior, your appearance too was not bad but it looks as if you and your new artiste Eazzy decided to treat us to some fashion nite... any ways we can`t complain because we enjoyed you two.

    Hey, sister Efya are you there? I really admire your number one fan in Kumasi to the bone. His antics on the stage with you was just awesome and I wish he never followed you that far. Do you remember that uproar which made you ask did you do anything wrong? It was not you who did something wrong but your number one fan from Kumasi blew some suggestive kisses to the fans and that sent the crowd going gaga...what a young woman ei... sorry a what a young man with a swag. Hmm...that guy paaa....lol.

    Personally I am happy for one thing at this year`s Ghana Music Awards, the fact that ‘Gbaa alert” was on the low. It has always been one of my high points on such days but surprisingly, this time everybody was on wild alert and nobody lost his guard to be toyed with. A little slip came from K.O.D himself when Canada became mouthful to him but that can be pardoned for loyalty sake.

    I wonder why award winners decided to ignore Kwaw Kesse`s 10 lessons by allowing their entourage to be following them when their names were mentioned as winners. What was even more unfortunate was the fact that sometimes the people try to say something to the audience as well before they leave the stage. Ei and that guy called Commotion Promotion too....ahhba he likes  attention too much.

    I don't want to believe he needs too much hype because he comes from that ... Tribe. Please commotion, instead of seeking unnecessary hype, I will advise you to do whatever you are doing well and one day you will receive your own awards and not following people or taking awards for other people.

    In fact there can`t be a VGMA without provocative and mind boggling appearances and costumes. It looks as if this year`s was worse because we really saw things with our eyes paaa...the worst of all was that pregnant woman who was spotted in that short dress. It was really appalling to see such a thing from her. All said and done, this year`s award can be said to be among the best of all years. Kudos to Charter House; that was a good work done. Congratulations!!!

    Did you miss this? Please take a moment and check it out now!

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