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    Matters arising in the music industry

    by Ahuma ‘Daddy Bosco’ Ocansey
    posted Friday, 31 May 2013 12:47| 0 Comments


    As the tradition in Ghana goes, the VGMA’s has come and gone and there’s some consternation and dread vibes from a number of camps in the industry.

    Azay, first Zaphanat Panea man, Nico had issues with Cwesi Oteng and when it appeared to have died down before the awards, pundits are quite bemused by the recent utterances from Nico.

    Then Gifty Osei wades in with a roundhouse to Osofomaame Herty Borngreat….she parried the missiles till recently when she gave a cough in response to the issue. Then shattawale’s outburst after Kakie was declared the winner in the reggae/dancehall category.

    Since then I heard Bandana has apologized to his fans, music lovers and Kakie for his outbursts. Indications are that the shatta city massive will hold a press conference to address his issues with the VGMA and related matters. We look forward to that.


    Honourable nominees

    Like award winning sound engineer and producer Zapp Mallet puts it, winning awards for creative work isn’t like winning a sports award or a boxing bout where there’s a winner and a loser. In his view, being nominated for an award out of the numerous musicians in a genre is an achievement.

    Dig this, if of all the artistes in a genre, you are one of the top five to be nominated, that’s something to be proud of. After all, Akon proudly lists his numerous grammy nominations and wears it like a badge of honour. Zapp asserts that awards events are meant to foster unity, celebrate the industry and acknowledge the players in the industry.

    I have also been having discussions with my wife and children about these awards and the criteria for winning. Apparently, it’s not very clear that some of these awards are based on specific criteria. There are awards that are won based on the popularity of a song or artiste over a period of time and not the popularity of an artiste over an indefinite period of time.

    Gifty Osei

    I reckon the organizers of these awards ceremonies should publicize the criteria for winning these awards so that the public is clearly informed. Or is it a case of folks not wanting to accept the criteria like the daughter of my father-in-law stubbornly asserts that massa, her view is her view!

    As I indicated some time ago boosu, there’s always a better tomorrow so bra Bandana natsui ooo, the fact that you are the shatta is undisputed and the streets acknowledge you. My advice to you and your posse which comprises veteran dancehall impresario Rudeboy Sterling is to get back to the drawing board and show the massive seh ah dem run tings and tings don’t run dem, seen!!!

    Bass Awards

    In about six weeks time, the maiden edition of the Bass awards takes place at the National Theatre with international dancehall artiste Elephant man as the special guest. Taking a cue from the launch of the awards at the Alisa Hotel earlier this year, all appears set for a memorable maiden edition of the event.

    I hope and pray that the reggae and dancehall fraternity including the Reggae Foundation of MUSIGA works closely with the organizers, Rauckus Entertainment to ensure that the event is a resounding success and that all stakeholders are down with the awards.

    As the awards is just kicking off, this is the time when the organizers have to rally round all stakeholders to get their views, concerns and aspirations on board to position the awards at the vanguard of the reggae/dancehall movement in Ghana and eventually Africa as the organizers intend.

    So far grapevine sources indicate that 2face Idibia has submitted a song for the African category while reggae artistes based here in Ghana have not submitted a tune. Well, some may not want the rigor of having to sit through a gruelling process and be disappointed in the end, still winning awards aint what the business is all about.

    Kaakit Up

    Reports indicate that reggae/dancehall artiste of the year Kakie has been kicking up a storm in Tamale where her Kaakit Up tour commenced. That’s some good news considering the fact that the lady has laced up the tour with a concern for maternal mortality issues. That’s the way to go for the next generation of performers, addressing social issues while entertaining.

    I look forward to when she will actually perform with a live band to announce her arrival as a full scale performer. Live performances are what will ensure that our artistes master the art of stagecraft and musicianship such that they can measure up to world standards.

    That’s when we can talk about a new cadre of divas in Ghana with the likes of Becca, Efya the sultry goddess of song, Rachel, Yaayaa etc who all play with live bands.

    So Jam Master Jay, Sadiq and co, over to you, seriously consider getting Kakie to perform with a live band for the remainder of her tour.

    Theatre and Music

    Uncle Ebo Whyte, playwright extraordinaire has shown that theatre can be a mega success. Doomsayers have been singing the demise of theatre. However, Uncle Ebo has proven naysayers wrong. The way he has established the Roverman Productions brand is awe inspiring. Are there any lessons to be learnt from the work of this enigmatic businessman, motivational speaker, playwright and producer? Check out his work with the Rapdacta Okyeame Kwame for the Mr Versatile production and you will appreciate the matter more.

    With the likes of Uncle Ebo in the area, I expect performers like Samini, D-Black, Kwaw Kesse and other conceptual performers to work with him or others like him e.g. the Prof Nii Yarteys etc to create exciting performances that can fuse the vintage traditional forms of our cultural heritage with avant-garde contemporary themes to usher us onto previously unheralded heights of entertainment.

    Did you miss this? Please take a moment and check it out now!

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