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    Irregularities at VGMAs

    by Nii Ogbamey Tetteh, News One
    posted Saturday, 01 June 2013 19:04| 0 Comments

    There is a popular saying that goes ‘One Bad Apple Can Spoil The Whole Bunch’ but can this saying be applied to some happenings at the just ended Vodafone Ghana Music Awards (VGMAs)?

    Various industry players have expressed displeasure at some occurrences at the 14th edition of the VGMAs which they have, in their own way, termed as ‘irregularities’.

    Aside the fact that several viewers around the world kept complaining about the lighting system of the stage, some awards which they felt did not go to the right nominees and poor performances on the part of some artistes, some key critics have also punched a lot of holes in the proceedings of the entire event.

    It was very bizarre occurrence to have one of the nominees Eazzy from the Reggae Dance Hall Song of the Year category co-hosting the event. Even though some industry players had gone ahead to commend her for her spectacular performance, from all indications, it was obvious that the move to have Eazzy co-hosting was unethical.

    When NEWS-ONE caught up with one of the critics who for reasons known to him alone, decided to remain anonymous, he stated that, “I agree, Eazzy did very well as a co-host for the VGMAs but by all standards, she shouldn’t have been made to do that.”

    As co-host of the event, Eazzy was automatically part of the organisational process of the music festival therefore disqualifying her from picking up any award on that night.

    “What would have happened if she had won in that category? Would she have taken the award and come back to continue hosting the show? That was so unethical,” he noted.

    From the submission, perhaps event organisers Charter House knew most of the winners from the various categories before they were announced on the night.

    Others always hold the point that asking the celebrities only what they were wearing on the red carpet was entirely unprofessional.

    The whole event started late because much time was wasted at the red carpet. It was rather unfortunate that all we heard Confidence Haugen asking the celebrities was “who are you and what are you wearing”. If that is all we wanted to hear, then the celebrities could have as well pasted the names of their designers behind them.

    Charter House has another opportunity to correct some of these irregularities in future if perhaps it was an oversight on their part or as most Ghanaians would say “human error.”

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