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    If I were Tutulapato’s father

    by Kwame Dadzie
    posted Sunday, 09 June 2013 21:17| 1 Comments

    After he won the ‘Talented Kids’ recently, his fans would expect that he takes his music more seriously and possibly release an album or records some songs but I suggest Cosmos Boako aka Tutulapato be made to pull the reins on is his music ‘talent’ for the time being.

    Even before he went into the ‘Talented Kids’ contest which was put together by TV3, I had listened to him so many times on Adom FM’s ‘Kasahare’ and had watched some of his Kasahare videos on youtube.

    Although, I personally don’t see any extraordinary talent in him, I guess he has passion for rap music and would do better as he grows and gets proper education.  For now, it will be harmful for anyone to be pushing the small boy into serious music business because we are talking about someone who cannot even spell his name.

    Ask him 1+1 and he is likely to say 3. At the age of 8, he is not too young to answer simple questions but I guess he has not had good education so finds it difficult to do any proper interaction with people. His environment has really affected him.

    The truth is that talent alone is not enough for what the boy is doing and if whoever is taking care of him does not pay attention to his education, his future is bleak.

    I have been apprized of the fact that Pope Skinny and Kwaw Kesse are considering bringing him from where he is in the Central Region to Accra to have better education. That would be a good idea but I have a problem with the people who will be acting in loco parentis when he finally moves to the capital city.

    I know little about the boy’s family. If his parents are all alive, then they should open their eyes. In fact, if I were Tutulapato’s father, I would let him stop this rap thing for some time until I see he has improved tremendously in his academic performance.

    Secondly, I would be very choosy of which people are going to take care of him when he moves to Accra or Tema.

    I wouldn’t want my child to move with people whose lifestyle might end up making him a wastrel. In fact, children are susceptible to things around them so are likely to pick any character about his ‘mentors’ whether good or bad.

    If I were Tutulapato’s father, I would not only think about the small money he will bring home, but the danger of being exploited by people who ostensibly may appear as helping him. The secular and hip life music world is too slippery for Tutulapaato to step in at this crawling age when he can’t even spell his name.

    If his father or mother is not alive and any relative is reading this, I am not portending doom for the young boy but I think he needs to do the first thing first. This is my humble advice.


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