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    Confusion: Which name should fans keep QWECi or Ded Buddy

    by Nana Yaw Wiredu, 18newspaper.com
    posted Thursday, 13 June 2013 16:58| 0 Comments

    The headline explains it all; confusion: ‘which name should fans keep - QWECi or Ded Buddy’. The question is asked because fans knew that the ace musician who had his hay days some time ago returned to active music with the stage name ‘QWECi’.

    Yesterday on Etalk a show on Ghone, the singer presented himself as ‘Ded Buddy’ not ‘QWECi’. That is a bit confusing especially when articles have been published to confirm the change of name from Ded Buddy to QWECi.

    After 14 years of been away from the music scene fans could understand the importance of the re-branding process from the old name ‘Ded Buddy’  to the new name ‘QWECi’ but now they are confused as to which name to call their artiste.

    Is the artiste who travelled to study Music & Marketing in the United States trying to destroy all the hard work he put into his re-branding process or does he think fans were not buying into the new stage name ‘QWECi’ hence he had to go back to the old one.

    Well we humbly think that the artiste and his team should come again on the name for the soul singer. If they want to go with Ded Buddy they should make it known to fans and if they want to still stick to the Qwesi then quickly correction has to be made.

    The singer returned with the hit single ‘Mip3 wosaa’ and has a latest single out called ‘Ohemaa’. Apart from the confusion on the name, Ded Buddy is a very good come back for the industry and we encourage him to push the promotion more.

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