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    Yesterday’s talents who should have been huge today!

    by Abdullai Isshak, enewsgh.com
    posted Tuesday, 18 June 2013 18:43| 0 Comments

    It’s been years since we last enjoyed decent materials from them.

    The industry has even gone through phases to a point where we now have a certain dance theme called Al Qaeda. We are still waiting for the next potential hits from these young acts.

    We take a look at some talents who should have been huge by now.

    Eboo – He is the kid brother of top showbiz personality Kwabena Anokye Adisi aka Bola Ray and after dropping Honey, which featured Stone of Bradez fame, Ghanaians are still waiting for his next single.

    Bino – After winning TV3's Boogie Down dance reality show, Bino who is a daughter of the CEO of popular restaurant Odo Rise took to music. Her debut single “Radio On”, which featured Tinny, couldn’t stand the test of time.Wait! She played the unhappy lover in Kesse’s “Treat Her Royal” video. Is she back to being a video vixen?<

    TJ – I am sure you are asking who he is; we got you. He won the maiden edition of Appietus Idols. He recorded “I Love You” featuring the man in the mix; the song simply couldn’t fly.  And unlike Appietus – TJ is now lost in the mix!

    Emmanuel – Won Stars of the Future 5. Both judges and most music lovers agreed it was his time and gave him the car and contract but not much has been heard from the smooth and silky Emmanuel Yawson.

    Nii Soul – One of the talents that had a flying start, a former TV3 Mentor and MTN Project Fame contestant, Nii Soul together with Bull Haus served Ghanaians some heavy hits. The last time we checked, he was all done with circular music, venturing into the gospel music genre. We are still waiting for the next Nii Soul hit.

    OJ Blaq – All the ladies OJ Blaq sang about in his “Me Wo Mmaa” hit song have deserted the Biggie Boy Lover. From the looks of things, OJ Blaq is no more a “Target” for the groupies or Ghanains at large.

    Andy – Known for his stints in Season 1 of TV3's Mentor, the Kumasi-based rapper who was first runner up had a huge fan base after releasing “Sweetie” featuring Samini. Yes, he didn’t win Mentor One but he should have made it onto mainstream music. Something just didn’t work out – yeah – it didn’t.

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