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    RLG bought 300,000 copies of Becca's album

    by flexghana.com
    posted Saturday, 01 June 2013 14:19| 0 Comments

    From the deep throat of Becca's manager Kiki Banson, Ghana's mobile manufacturing company of international repute RLG, bought 300,000 copies of the said artiste's new album for promotion sake.

    Patrons of Graphic Showbiz would recall that Becca's new album CDs was attached to every copy of the newspaper some weeks back.

    The concept was simple; buy a copy of the paper and have a free copy of Becca's CD. In the history of Ghana's showbiz industry, it happens that is the first time such a thing has happened.

    Many are those who have been wondering whether it's a strategy to sell the newspaper or promote and sell Becca's new album. To unravel the mystery, Flex newspaper got in touch with Kiki Banson, the CEO of EKB Records and Becca's lover lovely manager.

    Flex newspaper asked what motivated that unusual promotion and Kiki Banson posited: “one should not do the same thing at all times because if you do the same thing all the time, you will get the same result. So this time round, the team decided to be daring, thought out of the box, and out of many sittings and brainstorming, we came out with that strategy and presented our proposal to RLG and Graphic Showbiz. They believed in it and bought into it”.

    Flex newspaper asked Kiki Banson what RLG stands to gain for giving such an aid to his artiste.

    “All individuals and corporate bodies want to be associated with tried, tested and passed brands! I believe in Flex newspaper that is why I work with you. Sorry to say, if it had been one of 'those' musicians, I don't think you would have approached me to find out what this marketing strategy is all about. You are here because it is Becca. Much same way also, RLG believes in Becca so they feel it's prudent to identify with her brand,” Kiki replied.

    Last year, Kasapreko Company gave a whopping $50,000 as sponsorship for the shooting of Becca's music video titled 'No  Away' with Nigerian musician MI in South Africa. Flex newspaper asked how many copies were used for the promotion. “RLG bought 300,000 copies of Becca's new album for the promotion. People are loving 'Jesus', the enthralling gospel track on the album. I will use this opportunity to thank RLG profoundly for believing in Becca with this sponsorship,”Kiki ended with us.

    Indeed, if there is any award scheme for awarding artiste managers in Ghana, Kiki Banson is undoubtedly the most deserving artiste manager in Ghana. Flex newspaper wishes Becca, Kiki Banson and the whole team the best in all their endeavors as tongues keep waggling for the day Becca will marry, having attained age 28. Until then….MOTWUM!!

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