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    Shatta Wale’s manager drops him due to bad behaviour

    by ghanagist.com
    posted Wednesday, 10 July 2013 12:58| 1 Comments

    According to Flex Entertainment newspaper, Emmanuel Barnes alias Mr. Logic, a radio presenter and the C .E. O. of Bad People Entertainment which manages  Bandana aka ‘Shatta Wale’, has parted ways with the controversial dancehall artist. Mr. Logic explained that Bandana breached his management contract too many times and he thinks he cannot continue working with him.

    Read his explanations to Flex newspaper:

    “Bad People Entertainment is an international label that I represent here in Ghana and for the past three years after bringing out artistes like Jupiter, Episode and Galaxy King. I started working with Bandana when he was lost inthe game, when he played shows and event organizers refused to pay him but we did all that we could for him to become what he is now, but he thinks now he is at his best so he will dictate for management.

    His attitude pushed me to discuss with our team outside the country and they agreed we stopped working with him again and that bans him from using the record label’s name in his music business so he has to take off the name from his previous musical works. If he goes on to use the name, then we will sue him since he can also do the same when we use his name in any of our activities,” sterling noted.

    Logic who said Bandana called for his arrest, remarked that he and his management had learnt great lessons from managing ‘Shatta Wale’ and also disclosed new arrangements that have been instituted for artistes they will be working with henceforth.

    “Now, we will sign artiste(s) for only one album and after that if the artiste wishes to continue with the contract, he comes for a renewal. The new artiste under our management now is Field Marshal, a nominee in the forthcoming BASS awards. He is a bunch of talents and people should watch out for him,” he said.

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