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    Some event organizers in Ghana are jokers!

    by Ebenezer Narh Affum
    posted Friday, 19 July 2013 18:48| 0 Comments

    What at all are the duties and responsibilities of event organizers in Ghana? Their duties and responsibilities may seem so obvious but the question to ask is whether they do what is expected of them or not. Of much importance to me is how they perceive the general public.

    Do they think they can promise the general public anything at all but yet do otherwise?

    As an event organizer, is it compulsory to inform the public of an event even if you are not prepared or willing to organize it? Even if an event organizer really wants to organize an event but then things do not go according to plan, what stops that event organizer from explaining the change in plan to the public?

    In Issue 232 and on page 10 of your authoritative Flex Newspaper, I asked a simple question.

    ''Would Diva Awards Ghana Come Off?'' was the question. The Diva Awards Ghana was expected to come off in the first quarter of 2013 but that did not materialize. I stand to be corrected but as at now, the organizers, Harlem World Entertainment (HWE) have not seen the need to offer explanation as to why the event has not come off.

    We are in the second quarter of 2013 and yet Harlem World Entertainment is still silent. If for one reason or the other, the Diva Awards Ghana has been cancelled, at least, people in the entertainment or showbiz industry should be informed.

    How long did it take the organizers of the Ghana Movie Awards to present the plaques to the award winners? For five months, the organizers gave different reasons for the delay before they eventually presented the plaques to the award winners some few weeks back. The issue of the Ghana DJ Awards cannot be ignored.

    The event was held in February, 2013 and four months afterwards, the winners have still not received their plaques. What exactly is the tangible reason to give for the delay?

    It's quite unfortunate but some of our event organizers are jokers. At one time, they decide to do a particular thing and seek for the support of the public but when whatever they plan fails, they simply don't see the sense in being proactive to inform and apologize to the public accordingly.

    Right after the maiden edition of the Ghana DJ Awards, the organizers, Merqury Republic, mentioned that the National DJ Challenge would be held in June 2013. Aren't we in the month of June? If indeed the National DJ Challenge would be held in June, 2013, I expected Merqury Republic to have started promoting the event already. If the National DJ Challenge would really come off and be successful, Merqury Republic needs to revise its note immediately or else?

    Event organizers in Ghana need not take the entertainment or showbiz industry for a jolly ride. For now, the only way I can best describe them is to call them a bunch of dancing jokers. At any point in time, without fear or favour. I would still call them jokers until they change their mindset and the way they do their things. If they are not jokers, then they need to prove it sooner than later. This is my word of advice to them. I rest my case.

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