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    Welcome to the industry: Bass Awards

    by flexghana.com
    posted Wednesday, 24 July 2013 14:52| 0 Comments

    Despite the hardship and the difficulties in making things happen in the entertainment industry, some few people and entities are hitting hard to bring new innovations any time they get the opportunity.

    It is on this note that Flex newspaper is congratulating the organizers and contributors of the just ended BASS awards comprising Rackus Entertainment, Bull Haus Entertainment and Solid Multi media for that yeoman`s job.

    Though you faced many challenges with this event being your first award event in the country, you have written your names as an awards event organization team in Ghana.

    Since you want to have a fruitful stay in the industry for a longer period of time, it is our wish that you take critics in good faith and not begrudge any body who does that because, Jesus Christ was crucified without any sinful activities in his life.

    Note also that, Charter House was praised in this year`s music awards not because the industry wanted to praise them but on the basis that they had listened to all abusive words before and were determined to work on them as an organization.

    It was not by chance that your nomination jam was full of praises in the industry and none criticized you on any bad deeds. You deserved that praise people showered on you because you worked hard and that brought all the results you enjoyed on the night.

    Ts only one thing you should note and that is separating the nominees jam from the awards and leaving some space between the awards proper and the nominees jam. This will help both the organizers and patrons of the event because it was stressful with this one.

    It is always a hard task to spend two days without enough sleep and we believe that is what explains the fact that the awards ceremony did not receive an appreciable audience.  At least a week interval will be appreciated by event goers next time so consider that for us. It is also to be put to you that you failed to manage your time on both events well, especially on the awards night at the national theatre. Whilst we were thinking that the event was going to be short and precise, it was surprising that it nearly got to the 4am slot like it happened at the nominees jam. Please check that next time because there are some people who want to enjoy the nominees jam and the awards show at the same time.

    What was happening to the Mcs on the night of the award show? To see the evergreen Chris Attoh and the energetic Norkuss deliver so abysmally was something many people did not understand. It was clear that they were not taking the show serious and that also affected the awards event partly.

    Finally, please in your next attempt, do well to shorten the activities on the awards night and time the performers because some of them messed up the show with their utterances on stage all because they had more time. We wish you well and welcome you warmly in the awards industry.

    Did you miss this? Please take a moment and check it out now!

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