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    Obrafour can ‘Piss in’ or ‘Piss out’

    by Ebenezer Anangfio Jnr. (Columnist,Ghanacelebrities.com)
    posted Tuesday, 13 October 2009 14:18| 1 Comments

    Is this a new madness that has taken the music industry by stomp? Or perhaps it is a publicity stunt to get the inactive artistes on board to announce to their teeming fans that they are after all not worn-outs or are back from their hideouts?

    Chale this madness has gone on for far too long now? By the way who is Obrafour anyway? He is known to be coming out with proverbs in his lyrics but no disrespect  some people have finally taken hip life to the gutters. Without sounding remorseful and vulgar, I think Obrafour should just shut up, if he is jaded (sounds like it), he should take a rest and not create unnecessary controversy. Listen to Kasiebo by Obrafour feat. Guru

    Obrafour has been low profile for sometime now so I will understand if it’s a ploy to get out of his shell and be seen at least. Without any doubt, I strongly believe Obrafour got encouragement from Kwaw Kese’s outburst during his interview on TV3’s Spot Light when he said “Some people said hip life was dead and they are resurrecting it but they couldn’t do anything, they couldn’t do a thing, to say hip life is dead, what about Reggie Rockstone, Obrafour and co.”.

    The mere mention of his name perhaps made him feel he is still the best hip life artiste ever if not what did he mean by “when did hiplife die without him knowing” in his new single “Nkasiabo”  I think that’s a sad line.

    I disgust comparism but when we talk of consistency in the hip life game, Lord Kenya stands out tall, he was the first hiplife artiste to dominate the Ghanaian music charts, for the 6 years (stand to be corrected) he was active in the hip life game, he proved himself by churning out hit album after hit album, a feat, his colleagues in the game will only dream of.

    Obrafour has been parading himself from first album Pae Mu Ka to his last one as Ghana's rap Osofour (priest), without anyone questioning him, so why should he suddenly have a problem when another artiste contends his is the best rapper alive?

    From my perspective, I think Obrafour still holds quite a consideration number of fans and doesn’t need to diss or beef anyone to get his message across or to sell a record, the fans still love him. This personality attacks must stop.

    Obrafour can decide to ‘piss in’ or ‘piss out’, but for crying out loud, Okyeame Kwame is the reigning king of Ghana Music Awards and merits some respect.

    You can share your opinion without necessarily stepping on someone else’s toes, the truth hurts but that was unnecessary controversy.

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