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    Whose Idea it was to honour Hammer of the Last Two

    by Adbullai Isshak
    posted Sunday, 04 August 2013 21:18| 0 Comments

    The much-anticipated theme song for the upcoming Celebrating Hammer Concert Y3da W’ase (We thank You) has been released.

    It features Obrafour, Sarkodie, Tinny, Edem and Kwaw Kese, five out of many talents the legendary producer Edward Osei Hammer (Hammer) of the Last Two Music Group help ‘raised’ onto mainstream success.

    The song is a prelude to the concert, whose official date is yet to be announced.

    In a yet-to-be-published exclusive interview with enewsgh.com’s Adbullai Isshak, Hammer has revealed whose idea it was to have the Celebrating Hammer Concert held in his honour.

    “Celebrating Hammer Concert was Obrafuor’s idea and Sarkodie backed the idea so hard that when Edem also heard about it he took it up and the plan on how to execute it was put on paper,” he said.

    “So they suggested a theme a song as a prelude to the whole event so they can in a way voice their gratitude and keep it on a record for the world to know they appreciate the effort and work I have put into their various careers. It was also a way to prompt people of what to expect on the day.”

    Hammer also speaks on his connection to the five main acts on the theme song as too deep for many to understand because he named Obrafuor and Edem’s label, advised Tinny to switch from singing in Twi to his native Ga language, recorded Kwaw’s first ever single “Oye Nonsense” and how he groomed Sarkodie and named his first album “Makye”.

    “They call the concert Operation Feed Hammer. And it’s not that I’m broke or anything. I can do without it but they feel this concert will give them closure for all the nights and days of work to see their careers take off and soar.
    “When I heard the lyrics to the song it brought tears to my eyes because they really said things that got to me. There’s a part where Kwaw talks about Jesus being his father and how Hammer is the vessel though which his father takes care of him.
    “It touched me and working on the song on the night of July 29th, was so emotional for me, I had to find a way to concentrate so the emotions don’t over take me.”

    A successful producer responsible for some of the finest old and new hits on urban radio, Hammer led a consistent drive and support for the growth of Hiplife.

    In what became a go-to shrine of a sort for most young acts seeking for their first hit single, his Last Two recording studio from the early part of 2000 till date, has played host to hundreds of musicians.

    He has successfully shepherded most including all five acts featured on the theme song, to mainstream appreciation.

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