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    Who Is the ‘real’ mad man and the ‘perceive’ mad man? Kwaw Kese or Okomfour

    by Ebenezer Anangfio Jnr.
    posted Thursday, 15 October 2009 20:00| 0 Comments

    What do these two people have in common? Madness? I think what they have in common transcends ‘mere’ madness. ‘Abodam’ means mad or crazy, I can’t say for sure who introduced that phrase into the Ghana Music Industry but the mention of that word brings in mind one person.

    He was seen carrying banner that read 'Welcome Back' on the stage at Okomfour’s welcome back show at the National Theatre and that says a lot about what they have in common. Like a friend said he’s welcoming back his ‘mad’ partner. Watch Ma Kwan by Kwaw Kese feat. Edem

    Kwaw Kese

    He is one hip life artiste who always gets the entertainment columnists busy. Which hip life artiste hasn’t been provoked or castigated by the ‘Abodam’ lord? Only few.

    It is also a known fact that he has been displaying himself around everywhere as the originator of that word, he calls himself ‘king of the streets’ and has since been part of every crazy or mad stuff so far as the Ghana music industry is concerned. He’s made ‘abodam’ slogan attractive.

    He is known to have beefed fellow hip life artiste Mad Fish. There were little scuffle when he claimed ownership of "Abodam" as Mad Fish also made a lot of pronouncement of the word in one of his albums. And in an interview with Ghana Music.com, he said, Mad Fish is an imitator.

    Am not too sure whether he would want to be referred to as a ‘militant’ based on his behaviour, utterances and his aggressive nature. Notwithstanding, he has done a lot of mad things to justify the title but for all this while, Ghanaians thought he is not mad but rather acting, but he says he is really mad.


    For him, prior to his come back show, he had been away from the music scene for close to 4 years. It was later said that he had personal related issues, moved to his region of birth Upper East to spend some time with his family after news went round that he had gone mad as a result of smoking the ‘WEE’. Watch Menie by Okomfo Kwaadee

    Speaking on Peace FM’s Entertainment Review Show, he debunked rumours and issues that dealt with smoking of “wee”, madness and all the supposed psychiatric treatment he received.

    He stated emphatically that he doesn’t care where the media looked or the source from which they got their stories, but what matters most to him now is that he’s back full time into business with his latest album.

    He said he isn’t mad but had to meet a psychiatric for some reasons. Ghanaians say it's a lie because he was mad.

    On his interviews on Peace FM’s Entertainment Review Show, TV Africa’s Run Down, TV3’s Spot Light and even the Graphic Showbiz, Okomfour appeared lost, there were a lot of sporadic breaks and whenever he starts again, he did so with ‘stomach direction’ kind of answers. He goes out of touch in his delivery.

    Based on the above, who is not being honest? It’s a case of getty-getty-no-want and wanty-wanty-no-get. Funny world, isn’t it? To be honest, I know Kwaw Kese is faking madness; Okomfour could be the real mad man based on his own revelations.

    But what do you also think?

    Did you miss this? Please take a moment and check it out now!

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