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    Is Nii Okai Ghana's Don Moen?

    by citifmonline.com
    posted Friday, 09 August 2013 13:26| 0 Comments

    Nii Okai, one of Ghana's beloved Worship Leaders, continues to arouse the curiosity of his ardent followers with the uniqueness of his music productions.

    The latest being a striking comparison with the international worship leader, Don Moen. One may ask, “What has Nii Okai got in common with Don Moen?"

    Nii Okai, like Don Moen is a singer, songwriter, evangelist and producer of Christian worship music.

    As recording artistes, they both continue to feed the church with a large swath of its worship songbook.

    One distinctive feature is that they make worship sound so effortless and lead worshippers into God's presence in an atmosphere of peace.

    Whether in the quiet hours of the morning, waiting in the hospital, the depressing afternoon when you have been turned down a job or those seasons when nothing seems to go right, the lyrics of their psalms, hymns and spiritual songs bring nothing but joy and comfort.

    They love to keep their music simple, with its lyrics ringing in the mind after listening to the song for the first time. God has gifted them as memorable songwriters.

    In current times there are many good songwriters out there, but with the passage many of their songs do not last. Not same can be said of Nii and Don, whose love for hymns have inspired their timeless compositions.

    While many worship leaders can reach certain demographics, their music cuts across generations.

    Such an effort in drawing such a vast demographic of worshippers through music is rare, only a true and gifted worship leader can do this and Nii, like Don is certainly one of them.

    Incidentally, both Nii Okai and Don Moen have one of their studio recordings titled Hiding Place.

    Nii Okai's Hiding Place is a summary of Psalm 91, and the 11th track on his Holy Writings album. The song is calm and soothing, planting a seed of assurance in the heart, putting tears in the eyes, lifting piled up burdens and soothing every fear in the heart of anyone listening to it for the first time whether saved or unsaved.

    Hiding Place has that kind of 'hillsong' structure going for it: simple words, easy to remember, easy to pick up the tune and sing along because it is directly from the Bible. The well emphasized chorus leaves the message of the song replaying in the mind over and over again.

    Nii Okai has recently released via twitter the link to a high definition live video of Hiding place.

    The video is available for free download upon registration at a relatively new e-commerce platform called noghanatraffic.com (http://www.noghanatraffic.com/Nii-Okai_c_121.html.

    Nii Okai, currently on tour in Canada, heads Nii Okai Ministries, a budding music-based mission organisation that focuses on soul-winning, multimedia outreach, worship conferences, Christian charity and general music services.

    He is married with 3 children, worships with the St. Paul Methodist Cathedral in Tema, and is sought after globally as a Preacher, Music Director, Worship Leader, Conference Speaker, Event Consultant and Creative Director.

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