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    MUSIGA must leave MUDAG members alone

    by Ghana Music.com
    posted Friday, 09 August 2013 14:29| 0 Comments

    The above named Association, Musicians and Dancers Association of Ghana is a legally registered association, having complied with the Ghana's Company Code Act, sections 27 and 28 of 1963 with number CG052752013.

    The objective is a response to the escalating exploitation of Artistes. Its membership is spread across the Country.

    The membership of MUDAG includes several exceptional performing artistes, bands and traditional cultural troupes covering a wide genre of music and styles influenced by their traditional African culture, and worldwide experiences.

    The Musicians and Dancers Association of Ghana (MUDAG) wish to advise the management of the Musicians Union of Ghana (MUSIGA) to desist from harassing its members from defecting to join MUDAG.

    MUDAG is also calling on MUSIGA to stop peddling lies about Mr. George William Dickson the founder and President of this new and more collaborative Association (MUDAG).

    We will advise you to clean your house before chasing our President. We know for a fact that he was the same person who toured the country to campaign and won votes for most of the current National Executives in MUSIGA during your last congress from his own pocket.

    We know he don't sell his onscience.

    The defected members accused MUSIGA for neglecting them but we in MUDAG has welcomed the over 63 members of MUSIGAin the central region to our membership.

    We want to assure MUSIGA that more of their members in the regions are calling for their acceptance into the membership of MUDAG. We also want to state clearly that MUSIGA doesn’t have monopoly over all musicians in Ghana as they may think.

    We wish to state categorically that, if the harassment of our members does not stop, the Musicians and Dancers Association of Ghana will advice it's self in our next line of action.

    You must also know that God in his own wisdom has given each man the privilege to determine his or her own increase in life. Even as it's also clearly stated in the 1992 constitution of Ghana, in Article 21.1 (e) which states, all persons shall have the right to freedom of association which shall have the right to freedom of association which shall include the freedom to form or join trade unions or other associations. Nobody joins a train that is going nowhere.

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