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    Music Council gets more support

    by flexghana.com
    posted Friday, 16 August 2013 17:40| 0 Comments

    Mr Ekow Nesta Micah and Peter Wilson`s desire to make sure the Music Council gets better recognition in the entertainment industry is gradually yielding results little by little.

    First of all, they succeeded in issuing certificates to participating members some weeks back at the Royal Richester Hotel with a huge media presence but it lacked media coverage at the end of it all.

    Like the proverbial drop of water which makes the mighty ocean, the Music Council has attracted a group of some embittered Musiga members in a more controversial manner led by Mr. George Williams Dickson: former chairman of Central Regional branch of Musiga.

    Though as controversial as it may sound with the disturbing information that over 50 people have defected to start a new group known as Musicians and Dancers Association of Ghana - MUDAG, it seems they are getting attention with their crusade and campaign.

    It was on Hot fm`s Klassik Entertainment show that information came out that the Music Council executives have met with Musiga executives in a peaceful meeting under the auspices of  the ministry of Culture, Arts and the Creative Industry.

    The meeting was chaired by the deputy minister of the ministry Hon. Abla Dzifa Gomashie. Some negotiations which came out of the meeting was the fact that executives of Musiga have come to understand the relevance and the existence of the Music Council and its operations but their only worry is the current leadership and the way the council was formulated by some selected few. Rev. Fiifi Cann revealed on the show that a council should have representatives of the various arts unions as its executives and not some few people as is the case currently with the music council.

    Peter Wilson, general secretary of the Music Council suggested to Rev. Fiifi Cann that it is high time executives of Musiga eat the humble pie by understanding that the council is the umbrella body of all music unions in the country with international recognition so they should support their activities instead of opposing their modus operandi. We wait for the outcome of the meetings of the two unions in subsequent editions of your favourite Flex newspaper.

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