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    Should my decision be attacked - Augustus Brenya- Boateng

    by Ghana Music.com
    posted Tuesday, 27 August 2013 10:19| 0 Comments

    Read the unedited letter from Augustus Brenya- Boateng who recenttly resigned from MUSIGA.

    I was completely surprised when I read an article on myjoyonline.com purporting to be a response by MUSIGA in reaction to my decision of leaving the union.

    And just as quoted in the ending part of that response, and I quote "Great things can be achieved for mother Ghana without necessary having to spoil one another due to little grievances that can easily be addressed".

    I wouldn't want treat their response as contemptuous as they did my candid resignation. However I will like to remind them that, its the same little grievances which they have functionally overlooked these couple of years that have eventually yielded this disastrous and unfortunate outcome, which they now treat as improper.

    Are they now admitting, there have been grievances though as small as they stated? If so, how functional had they being in addressing those that were properly channeled to them, through their well structured, organized and functioning regional branches or offices across the Country. By which they could easily access and determined my dormancy.

    Let me also add, how functional were they expecting me to be as an organizer, when my other functionaries who were suppose to work with me as a team in other to achieve the aims and objectives of the union in our designated region in the persons of the regional chairman who lived in Tamale, Vice Chairman (Bechem Area) Regional Secretary in Asante Mampong and last but not the least the welfare Officer also living in Brekum were living many kilometers apart from each other. If even by technology we could contact each other to address issues and convey meetings, who was responsible in footing those bills? and coming to traveling from their various locations to Suyani where the union has its "branch office" for both general and executive meetings to be held for grievances and other relating matters to be addressed when the need be. I ask once again, who was supposed to foot those traveling expenses not to even talk about having to sleep overnight in the event of a meeting or program eating deep into the night who was to be responsible for the accommodation or hotel bills.

    I won't waste much time to elaborate on many other issues. I just want to end here, by urging them to come again and be really up and doing and should not be hasty in jumping to unreasonable conclusions, for how can an executive mouth piece of the union in the person of the General Secretary be irrational in releasing such a self damaging response seeking to deride and downplay my personal decision.

    Finally, she through the union must know that "if you shoot yourself in the foot, remember you will need that same foot to run when the storm comes". And they should also know that more of me are coming with their resignations and defections to join Associations of their choice, and if it be MUDAG, so be it. After all we are free agents as humans to choose who and where to be with or to belong respectively in line with the constitution of the land, Ghana.

    Augustus Brenya-Boateng

    (GUSBOAT of GUSBOAT Music Production Berekum)

    Brong Ahafo Regional Organiser (MUSIGA)

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