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    Gospel album launching(s) in churches: Are they biblical?

    by Osarfo Anthony
    posted Friday, 06 September 2013 20:00| 0 Comments

    A scenario in the Holy Bible has prompted and provoked the simple question; 'is music album launch at churches and their CD sales Biblical?'

    Though it started long ago, the concept of launching music albums in church by gospel musicians is almost becoming a competition in our gospel music industry. In the past, it was popular gospel musicians who used to launch their albums in the church. Then, most of them made huge sales because those were the days when CD sales were on their acme.

    Currently, the launching of music albums in churches by gospel musicians is very common in our gospel music industry; to the extent that, even unknown or less popular gospel musicians hype their music album launches through radio and television interviews as well as print publications and posters.

    However, a scenario in the Holy Bible has provoked the simple question; 'is music album launch at churches and their CD sales Biblical?'

    This question is precipitated by a quote in the Bible in Luke 19:45. The Bible says and I quote: “And he (Jesus Christ) entered the temple and began to drive out those who sold.” If you continue down, Jesus said to those he drove out of the church;“it is written, my house shall be a house of prayer but you have made it a den of robbers.”The reason why Jesus Christ got angry and drove the people out was because his Father's house – church had been turned into a trading ground instead of an auspicious place for praising and worshipping God.

    The series of questions therefore are: should gospel musicians stop launching their albums in the church? Is launching of albums in the church and selling CDs not a form of trade or trading in the house of the Lord? Is God pleased with his sublime grounds (church) turned into trading centers in the guise of a gospel album launch?

    If the practice is wrong, who is to blame – the pastors or the gospel musicians? Why do some of the pastors take monies from the gospel musicians before allowing their premises to be used for such album launches? Are such demands from the pastors not a form of trading?

    If the idea is not to trade with the CDs and make money, why do the gospel musicians become crestfallen when the congregation fails to buy their album CDs at such launch? Or are some of the provisions of the Bible antiquated and for that matter, ought to be countermanded or 'modernized' to meet the vicissitudes of this age? If you have any erudite answers, let's start a healthy intellectual discourse. Until then….MOTWUM!!



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