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    Afia Schwarzeneger to host Music Music : Can she deliver?

    by Samuel A. Baah, Flex Newspaper
    posted Monday, 09 September 2013 15:01| 0 Comments

    Confirmed information reaching Flex newspaper has it that the defunct Afia Schwarzeneger character Valentina Nana Agyeiwaa is now the new host of TV3`s flagship programme Music Music.

    The original Afia Schwarzeneger will be hosting the Music Music live show from the month of September till her contract with the television station “Adesa We” expires. Unfortunately, Flex newspaper could not confirm how long she will be hosting the show but sources close to her are telling us she might be doing it for a good period.

    Knowing very well that Valentina Afia Schwarzeneger has another contract with Global Media Alliance, operators of ETV and Happy FM, it was confusing as to how the exciting television presenter who has graced our television scenes over the years will combine the two competitors under her “umbrella” at the same time. After much efforts to get Afia to confirm our information, she finally spoke to this paper under strict conditions of being careful of putting this story out without creating any confusion between the two brands she is associated with now.

    “Yes, all things being equal I will start hosting music music this Saturday on Tv3 and I hope to put in my best to maintain the high standard of the programme and the station. I am taking this advantage because my Afia Schwarzeneger Show on Etv is on a seasonal break just like many of the shows on the station go on break. Meanwhile, I will still be doing my drive time programme on Happy fm which has become one of the most listened to programmes in the capital” Afia told Flex newspaper in a telephone chat last Monday.

    The mother of twin John and Jerry continued, “my bosses at Global Media are aware of this new development and they have agreed to that. I must say that I appreciate this kind gesture towards me and I hope not to disappoint them. You all know Music Music has been touted to be big since time immemorial so what I am bringing on board is to make it “gargantuanly bigger” than before with my experience on television screens. I am bringing on board more terminologies than one can think of, so if my fans missed any of my terminologies, then this is the time to enjoy them more. You know if Music Music was riding on a bicycle, then fans should watch out because we will be flying in a jet plane very soon ” she added.

    Ever since this story came to our desk, we have been pondering over whether regular host Root I will be sent packing or he will be maintained but Afia tells Flex newspaper that she will be doing stuff alongside Root I just as it has been done for the past years. Music Music has been around on television screens for a long time with a large following and has seen personalities like Bola Ray, Stacy Amoateng, Jozzy and a few others passing through as hosts of the show.

    The show nearly took a nose dive at a period but reasons for the stunted growth was not known. Now that Valentina is about to take over as the new host, let`s see if Music Music can redeem its past glory.

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