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    Celebrities & revenue generation streams

    by enewsgh.com
    posted Monday, 09 September 2013 15:01| 0 Comments

    Sales of compact/video discs over the last few years have been on the decline because of the proliferation of the Internet and mass media.

    These days, consumers prefer downloading music, videos or movies off the Internet instead of buying physical copies.

    It has led to many producers backing out of the industry and investing in other ventures as a result of their inability to recoup their investments. Agiecoat, Slip, Big Ben and other notable individuals and companies come to mind.

    All hope is however not lost because there are other avenues or ways musicians/producers, and actors can make money other than relying solely on music/video sales.

    Quite a sizeable number of Ghanaian celebrities are active on social media and have a large following. They (celebrities) can get paid to promote brands and companies on these platforms.

    For instance Kim Kardashian has over 18 million followers on Twitter. She is paid some $20,000 to tweet-drive brands.

    Actress Lydia Forson has a following of 36,000 and over on Twitter and 169,000 likes on Facebook: with that kind of ‘power’, she is able to say, negotiate with a company that produces/sell natural hair products to pay her so she promotes their brand online.

    Celebrities can sign on to become ambassadors of brands/companies. Four years ago, communications giants Glo signed some 15 celebrities as their ambassadors. Suffice to say it wasn’t a new thing because Samini and Okyeame Kwame were at the time already signed to MTN as ambassadors.

    Another avenue for making money is to get paid to be at an event or make a speech. It’s been reported Rihanna was paid $8million to turn on Christmas lights at a London Shopping Mall in 2012.

    With the kind of following the likes of Sarkodie, Jackie Appiah, Bandana (Shatta Wale), Yvonne Okoro command on the Ghanaian entertainment industry, they shouldn’t be appearing at shows just for the fun of it; an appearance fee here and there can take care of their bills.

    Reggie Rockstone got signed on as an ambassador of Glo in 2009. We all know how his post Glo deal success story goes.

    Going on tours/premiering movies is another way through which Ghanaian celebrities can make money. Samini is currently on tour of the U.S. His core fan base are excited about him seeing him; it is likely they will turn up in their numbers to watch him perform at the several concerts he’s billed to perform.

    The Versatile Show organized by Okyeame Kwame is one example musicians can emulate. A convincing proposal can open doors of corporate, who will be willing to fund some of these concerts.

    Sensational act Bandana (Shatta Wale) is taking advantage of his newfound fame by organizing a nationwide tour in addition to performing at shows organized by event promoters. It is a perfect case study of how to stay relevant.

    These, together with the many revenue generation modules available, can get you the desired output.

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