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    Do radio stations make hits these days? Part 1

    by Samuel A. Baah, Flex Newspaper
    posted Monday, 09 September 2013 16:49| 0 Comments

    Until we start calling a spade by its original name and not a big spoon, so many things will continue to go wrong without any proper checks and mechanisms to keep business in the entertainment industry going.

    Some of the things are hard to talk about but we have no option when things get to crunch than to spill out the beans openly.

    Bandana aka Shatta Wale might come across as one of the controversial musicians of our time but if what he says will come with some load of sense, then we will have no option but to learn from his statements.

    I remember reading excerpts of an interview Bandana granted to Flex newspaper where he was quoted to have said that Facebook is his radio station. I remember laughing at the headline because I thought it was highly impossible for a musician to make this statement publicly knowing the importance of radio in music promotion in our country.

    It is without doubt that many music lovers in the country are not computer friendly like  in some advanced countries but radio is easily accessible to all in Ghana. So this is where radio comes across as an important factor in music promotion at the moment.

    Unfortunately, it looks as if the trend is changing now because few musicians are relying on radio stations and their presenters to promote their songs.

    The easiest way out now are the available social media platforms which works out magic like never before. Let`s do this analysis to see how effective the social media platforms are promoting songs much better than the existing radio and television stations.

    Note this people, this analysis does not make radio and television irrelevant in promotion but their impact is gradually reducing to the closest minimum.

    During promotion, especially that area where promoters would have to be sharing Cds to presenters, one would need so many weeks to be able to distribute the cds throughout Ghana and beyond, but the internet and social media platforms do this in minutes. Just a single track or video on facebook, twitter, hulkshare or any of the download websites will reach the world in just a matter of minutes and this cannot be achieved easily by a promoter moving about with his cds in his bag.

    Just go through this example put out by Flex newspaper and you will understand what we are talking about.

    Sarkodie`s new video for his illuminati song was uploaded on internet website youtube just six (6) days ago and it has recorded an amazing 153, 974 the world over. Now ask yourself this major question if you believe in promotion with numbers; which radio or tv station in Ghana would be able to promote a song within six days to reach the world with 153, 974?

    Not even that radio station which is touted to be the number one radio station by the synovate research findings can give you that.

    What this tells us is that as much as we need radio and television stations to complement our efforts in times of promotion, the internet has the power of covering more areas easier than the two broadcast mediums can do. We will bring you part 2 of this discussion in our next edition.

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