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    The Lynx School Of Arts: Is it a viable venture?

    by Samuel A. Baah, Flex Newspaper
    posted Monday, 09 September 2013 16:48| 0 Comments

    Not too long ago, the entertainment news media was flooded with news that a production firm Lynx Entertainment, was about to start a school of a sort where some influential people in the arts industry will take the role of teachers to impart knowledge to some wannabees in the country.

    This information was received with mixed feeling because one question pundits kept asking was the measure used in measuring those teachers in the industry.

    At Flex newspaper, we remember coming across names like Bull Dog who happens to be the CEO of Bullhaus Music, musician Efya who is an award winning vocalist in the music industry, Okyeame Kwame the defunct PRO of the Musicians Union of Ghana and of course the initiator of the school Richie Mensah: boss and bank roller of Lynx Entertainment.

    We saw this as an eye opener because when Abraham Ohene Djan came out with his google opportunity, many industry people demanded for an education of a sort to enlighten people who have little knowledge on how these things work to support their involvement and also to whip up their interest in online promotion. Therefore the Lynx School of Arts was becoming a preparation meeting an opportunity or demand meeting supply factors. Despite all these high expectations for the school of arts, there has not been any news so far about its commencement and impartation.

    The gap the originators left in this approach has started raising eyebrows and necessary questions begging for immediate answers. Questions like how successful are the people (teachers) to impart knowledge to the would be students and the eligibility of the school itself are eminent on the lips of some key people in the entertainment industry. There were even some quarters who felt that this could be a nice way for the teachers and administrators to cash in on desperate wannabees who are in a rush to get attention in the entertainment world. Well, this is debatable though but the first question holds a substantial water which needs to be pushed further for future deliberations.

    Can we state as a matter of fact that those musicians mentioned there are successful in their own rights to pass on their experience to some wannabees? We feel most of them there are yet to stand the test of time in our era so appointing them as ambassadors should be accepted with a pinch of salt. As much as this comes across as a good initiative to the industry, the guys at Lynx Entertainment should meet the desired people to take up this job because this is no child`s play at all.

    As a media outfit, we believe in educating the people but we are also with the firm understanding that desperate wannabees should not be taken advantage of in any circumstances.

    This can be done and done well if Richie and his Lynx Entertainment team will go back to the drawing board to do a better analysis on the people to act as lecturers and teachers for the Lynx School of Arts. All the best in all your endeavours but incase you need our input, don't be reluctant to contact our office.

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