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    Vodafone Icons-Street Edition bribery allegation: should Kwaw Kese & Vodafone be investigated?

    by Adeyemi Adebayo Victor, GhanaWeb
    posted Tuesday, 10 September 2013 21:30| 0 Comments

    It is no longer news that the younger brother of Kwaw Kese, Budda didn’t win the Vodafone Icons-Street Edition, losing out to RYAN.

    This whole controversy, no doubt, cannot be left to lie low, and Kwaw Kese has alleged in his accusation that the telecommunication giant who is the organizer of the show ‘was not fair’.

    He stated this in a video interview that has gone viral on the internet that someone from Vodafone called him and asked for the sum of GHS 10,000, which he refused to pay and that caused his brother’s eviction.

    It will be recalled that Kwaw Kese disruption of the Vodafone Icons-Street Edition’s live recording show forced South African Idols Judge and Universal Music executive, Randall Abrahams and Vodafone’s Uche Ofodile to leave the stage with the prize they had brought to present to the eventual winner.

    Information has it that Kwaw Kese hinted some media men before he stormed the stage that he was going to disrupt the show, an action which he said was all out of injustice.

    The questions on the lips of Vodafone Icons’ viewers are that: is Kwaw Kese right in registering his annoyance by disrupting a live show? Who from Vodafone called the artist, according to the video, to pay an amount to spur Budda to victory?

    Entertainment pundits submitted in their opinion that both Kwaw Kese’s allegation and the controversial video of bribery by Vodafone should be investigated.

    So far, Vodafone Icons-Street Edition organizers are yet to issue any official statement on the allegation as at the time of going to the press, but we shall keep you updated as the truth unveils.

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