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    Poor veteran musicians failed to plan

    by flexghana.com
    posted Friday, 13 September 2013 19:01| 3 Comments

    The Consultant to Veteran Musicians Union of Ghana VEMAG has revealed to Flex newspaper that most of our veteran musicians are poor because they failed to plan for the future.

    In our quest to find out why some of our old or veteran musicians (or celebrities if you like) become poor after many years of their music career, Flex newspaper had an exclusive duologue with Mr. Emmanuel Gyau, the Consultant to Veteran Musicians Association of Ghana VEMAG. Mr. Gyau revealed that most of our veteran musicians become poor due to their failure to plan for the future.

    'One of the biggest challenges of our artistes in Ghana is planning. Most of them don't plan and that is their bane,' he revealed.

    For a case study, Flex newspaper asked him the financial state of veteran musician Dr. Paa Bobo and this is what he said “he is not that sound financially.

    To the young ones who are about 15 years of age, when they hear Dr. Paa Bobo, they might think he is superfluously rich with mansions, fleets of cars, and the likes but trust me, those opulence cannot be attributed to him or most of our old musicians.

    The man who sung “Serwaa Akoto” is another victim. If you see him today, you will cry! He walks like this…. (Demonstrated the walk of a man staggering to fall as he walks). He is not sound financially. I am not disgracing them though so nobody should misconstrue me.”

    It is rumored that there are some of our old celebrities especially the musicians who beg from young musicians of today before they eat or get monies for their up keeps. A popular young musician who spoke to us on anonymity said he's sometimes compelled to sidestep when he sees some old and poor musicians at events because the latter will surely ask for money.

    Mr. Emmanuel Gyau is one of the few people who aside situations such as unforeseeable illnesses, copyright infringement of musicians works, piracy, and inability to compete with technology that contribute to veteran musicians becoming poor; have gathered courage to make it clear that, failure to plan for the future by our artistes is a key reason why they are poor now.

    If you happen to be a young musician reading this piece, please take a cue from this Consultant's advice. It may seem as a trite-advice but it's important, because, repetition is meant for emphasis. Live and let's live. Until then….MOTWUM!!


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