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    Mentor is the best music reality show

    by flexghana.com
    posted Friday, 27 September 2013 12:37| 3 Comments

    I have taken the time to monitor all the music reality shows shown on our various television channels and have come to the conclusion that, TV 3's music reality show Mentor, is the best.

    First, I compare the judges – Mr. Dominic Ansah and Mark Okraku Mantey on Mentor to the judges in the other music reality shows shown on other TV channels and it`s abundantly clear to me that they know the 'music-of-music' better than the others. Mentor judges touch on professional music technicalities such as; pitch, key, melody, rhythm, beat, notes, lyrics, tone, sforzando and the likes.

    I watch the rest and after a contestant performs, most times, all the judges can say are; 'that was a nice performance keep it up,' 'I liked your energy on stage,' 'you wowed me and the audience enjoyed it too, that is the most important thing,' 'I liked your stage craft,' etc.

    They call that judging but I call it speaking common sense about a musical performance; which even a thicko can do. If you say 'I liked your energy on stage,' what is technical about it?

    Secondly, Mentor challenges the young musicians to at least learn and perform music of Ghanaian or African origin – highlife, hiplife and reggae more often - week after week. All I see in the other music reality shows are contestants being challenged to sing western songs at most times; thereby intensifying the young contestants' penchant for westernized songs.

    Some critics describe Mentor as 'local;' apparently, because Mentor doesn't make their contestants perform more western songs. I prefer a Ghanaian or African music reality show that orients the minds of its contestants to believe in music of their roots, than a Ghanaian or African music reality show that brainwashes its contestants to sing more western songs. I must caution however that, am not against western songs or preaching racism.

    My point is 'no western music reality show will encourage its contestants to sing Highlife or Hiplife; check if am lying.' Finally, Mentor has a wow-factor compared to the rest. One of such wow-factors is the Okraku Mantey technical but scowling judgments.  It draws out strong emotions from viewers of Mentor. In my opinion, if Okraku Mantey is taken off Mentor, it might take the 'steam' out of the show; though he is not indispensable anyway.

    However, what I like about the other music reality shows which Mentor does not have are; artistic camera shots in the studio and splendid set design. Though the aforementioned factors are the plus-factors of those music reality shows, they don't weigh much on my score sheet because they are secondary elements.

    Since the concept behind music reality shows is music, music should be the priority; hence my preference for Mentor which stands tall in that regard out of the lot. If Mentor can work on their studio camera shots and set design, I shall come again. Until then…MOTWUM!!

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