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    Buddaman`s first dancehall medley in Ghana: Is he bragging?

    by David Offei Lartey, flexghana.com
    posted Friday, 27 September 2013 14:41| 0 Comments

    Dancehall Emperor' hit maker and organizer of dancehall king and queen show has released the first ever dancehall medley in the country promising to put the video on TV very soon.

    The medley features top dancehall gurus like Buddaman himself, Fiifi Selah, Daddy Lynx, Kissa, just to mention but a few who happen to be members of Rebbel entertainment with Billy Jane as their executive producer.

    The CEO of Rebbel entertainment Buddaman explained that the medley is a composition of one instrumental with different artistes on it. He said it is already enjoying airplay and will soon be on TV to make especially people realize the kind of dancehall arts we have in the country.

    Buddaman who has produced almost all the giants in the industry revealed that he has a lot of songs to come out with an album but wants to produce more medleys to keep the unity and love in the dancehall industry because this is something he has worked so much on and doesn't want to go waste.

    The artiste who currently has his single, 'Dancehall Emperor' all over the place, also has the video of the song hitting 12,559 views on YouTube in just two weeks.

    With 17 years of experience in the industry, Buddaman who has done most of his stuff internationally disclosed that he is happy dancehall is gaining roots in our creative industry.

    “I have advocated for this one for a very long time and that's why I organized the first and second Dancehall King and Queen in Ghana to preach dancehall and to get my brothers and sisters in the game together. And this is one event that made the ghetto youths and the nation recognize dancehall music. Dancehall/reggae is for us and these are the only genre that can make us gain international recognition,” he said.

    ccording to him, he has been advocating and busily promoting dancehall giants like Bandana and Stonebwoy including a few but thinks it`s high time he also climbed the stage to offer dancehall lovers in the country the best of dancehall music. He said he has not encountered many difficulties as an artiste but it has always been difficult making people recognize or accept his songs and sometimes his attitude on stage as a Ghanaian. “Some believe my songs sound international and have the attitude of an international artiste but I am 100% Ghanaian” he said with a smile.

    Buddaman has been the brain behind some hits tunes from the likes of Bandana, Stonebwoy, Samini, Episode, Fiifi Sela just to mention but few. The dancehall freak who has most of his songs talking about positivity, preaching love also disclosed his team has another big medley coming up which will feature all dancehall arts in the country and this is going to be an annual project to keep the unity among artiste.

    “I believe in unity and that's why I don't want to produce or come out alone but rather bring the entire artistes together so we can fight the music market. Ghanaians should expect more arts from me as I introduce new dancehall queen Kissa this year.

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