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    Patch Bay Band should avoid this next time

    by Samuel A. Baah, Flex Newspaper
    posted Friday, 27 September 2013 14:36| 0 Comments

    The Patch Bay band is one group I have loved since I came across their first performance at a gig I cant readily remember at this time. Truth be told, the guys have never failed on any given stage and they deliver expertly just as a dj will slot his CD in a player.

    Unfortunately, the team led by Akwaboah disappointed some fans last Saturday at the Accra International conference centre during their live session for 1016 Laughs and music.

    The Patch Bay band was on hand to provide live music to the audience who were charged up for the night of 1016 laughs and music.

    Knowing their pedigree, expectations were high for them to deliver and yes they delivered to the best of their abilities but not to the people who wanted some Ghanaian songs to be performed on the night.

    It was shocking to realize that the guys played five songs non stop on a show which was being patronized largely by Ghanaians without remembering to play one song made in Ghana. How possible?

    When they started with a P-Square song, I thought they were going to change to one Ghanaian hot song like they have been doing but unfortunately they continued and they played only songs from Nigeria.

    Songs from Nyanya, P-Square and the rest dominated the play list and I was so “impressed” with the way the crowd ignored their efforts to entertain them. Flex newspaper was among the media houses who championed Akwaboah`s desire to win the Record of the year award and the song writer of the year in the just ended Ghana music awards.

    So what if Akwaboah`s songs were ignored by radio presenters in Ghana on their radio platforms, would he have even enjoyed the nominations he had at that time? I really respect the talent of Akwaboah and how far he has come with his talent, but if he will continue to disregard songs made in Ghana on important platforms like 1016 laughs and music, some of us might not support him in any way. We are not too sure Akwaboah and his team will be glad if they realize that we are promoting a band in Nigeria in our newspapers and on our websites in Ghana.

    Just like P-Square said on a Ghanaian stage some years ago, let`s all support and shine our own and with that, we will all get to the top together as one. Patch Bay band is a group of young players who make live playing sound as real as playing a recorded song on a cd by a dj. Their power to mix their songs live is what kills me about the group. Guys, we are with you, so please check this next time.

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