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    The essence of positive collaboration: The case for Okyeame Kwame & Empire Entertainment

    by flexghana.com
    posted Tuesday, 01 October 2013 08:02| 1 Comments

    Okyeame Kwame has every reason to celebrate the milestone he is achieving currently because many were the people who doubted his collaboration with Empire Entertainment when the two agreed to come together for a conglomerate. (call it as such if you can).

    Last year when it became widespread in the news media that Okyeame Kwame`s One Mic Entertainment has signed a deal with Bola Ray`s Empire Entertainment for a joint business venture, many thought it was one of the many hoaxes that is notable in the entertainment industry, but the two have proved critics wrong.

    The deal or agreement among other things between the two was to mainly push Okyeame Kwame`s brand to the international level.

    The rap doctor in several interviews indicated that he had done all he wants to do as an artiste in Ghana and he feels it is high time he breaks the international scene.

    Therefore it was that burning desire to move outside the boundaries of Ghana that pushed the One Mic boss to the Empire team. True to their words, they have secured their first international deal with Nigerian superstar J Martins where recording and promotion plans are underway to make things happen for them. It was all over in the entertainment media some few weeks back when J Martins touched down at the Kotoka International Airport for recording of the African Connection album to commence. Richie of Lynx Entertainment is the producer  enjoying the brains for the recording and it is obvious the kind of song the final product is likely to be.

    Richie is known for recording more danceable tunes in the industry so it will not be shocking if it comes out to be a danceable tune. Also, music lovers are speculating whether Okyeame Kwame will be singing or rapping as he is known to be doing these days.

    With his concert still loading to happen at the National theatre on the 14th of December, it is just our hope that again, we will be seeing Empire Entertainment handling the management of the event for the best rapper of our time. We pray for more fruitful collaborations.

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