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    You leave MUSIGA at your own peril

    by Kwame Dadzie
    posted Tuesday, 01 October 2013 08:00| 0 Comments

    The freedom to join any group or association is the right of any individual in this country. This is why I don't begrudge people like William Dickson, former Central Regional president for pulling out of Musicians Union of Ghana (MUSIGA) and joining Musicians and Dancers Association of Ghana (MUDAG).

    However, I think any musician who is not a member of MUSIGA may be doing harm than good to themselves. MUSIGA has gone through a lot of restructuring over the years and has gradually been able to stand on its feet with a lot of improvement. I know politics is inherent in all aspects of human life and some of these things are typical of humans. However, I still don't see the dissent and resignation of people like Dickson, in the union necessary.

    If you are in an association and things are not going your way, you use the right channels to address your concerns but not coming out to seem to disgrace people even when you have no grounds to do that. To me this is the time MUSIGA is going to do bigger things. At a time when their presence has been felt greatly before government and other influential people in the country, I wonder why anyone would think of bowing out.

    Already, Obuor has instituted systems to help better the lot of the musicians. The Ageing Musicians Welfare Fund (AMWEF), the music school to be ran at NAFTI, among a flurry of other activities are among things MUDAG for example cannot do.  If you are a musician seeking your welfare, the wisest thing is to join the winning team, MUSIGA.

    Those whose minds are wavering between staying or not, should think about what they can add to the union to make it better than go about saying things that will destroy the union.

    As I always say, Obuor is the best MUSIGA president so far found and those talking too much couldn't have done any better had they been in his shoes. Anyone who would say MUSIGA hasn't improved under Obuor's administration is just an enemy of progress. There are some people, if something doesn't come their way, it is not good. There are people who never appreciate anybody who does something, if that thing is not done by them. That to me in simple terms is wizardry.

    Yes, Obuor might have his weaknesses but his strengths cannot be disputed. He has been able to calm the storm to work maturely even when his detractors were at their high noon with their evil machinations. I know people who were in charge of certain unions and ended up fumbling and mumbling those unions, yet had the galls to dare Obour not to misappropriate the Ageing Musicians Welfare Fund.

    Anybody who thinks has evidential proof that Obuor has dipped his hands into the union's coffers should just come out to display the exhibit or forever hold their peace.  Criticism is good but the way some of us do it makes it seems as though we have personal issues with the people we criticize. If you have personal issues with somebody why not, as brothers and sisters in the same industry, solve them amicably without rancor and any vilification.

    Let us throw our support behind Obour but not be cowardly to do what will ensure he does the work well. We can do this in a more responsible manner. Enough of the PHD orchestrations!


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