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    Is Highlife musician Quarme Zaggy safe on Facebook?

    by flexghana.com
    posted Friday, 11 October 2013 18:25| 0 Comments

    In case you didn't know, Quarme Zaggy is the current sensation holding high the music flag of highlife in the country.

    If all other artistes would decide to stop doing highlife, Quarme Zaggy will never do so. His love and passion for highlife is what  culminated in the release of ''temi mole''.

    After its release,''temi mole'' has been enjoying massive airplay all over the country.

    Almost everyone is enjoying the new tune and tipping him for some nominations in the next VGMA isn't too much to expect. Quarme Zaggy is a genius so far as highlife music is concerned and he is doing all his best to churn out more hits.

    In as much as ''temi mole'' is doing very well in the country and getting Quarme Zaggy the needed recognition and the opportunity to perform at many shows, the young highlife artiste is still working hard in the studio. He performed at the Akwaboah Music Video Premier which had the likes of Richie, Jon Germain, Kwabena Kwabena and Akwaboah himself on stage and quite impressively, he had his performance being tagged as the best on the night.

    Speaking to your evergreen Flex Newspaper in an exclusive interview, he stressed that he would soon release another single hit titled ''my desire''. The release of ''my desire'' would definitely take him to another level before he goes ahead to release the next single titled ''tonite'' featuring Kobby. Quarme Zaggy also noted that preparations are far advanced to ensure that the music video for his current hit ''temi mole'' is released soon.

    Quarme Zaggy however revealed that ever since he released ''temi mole'' he has been receiving several death threats on Facebook. When he received the first threat, he didn't take it serious until he received subsequent threats from the same person (name withheld) which made him inform his management.

    When asked what could have necessitated the death threats, Quarme Zaggy noted that he has no idea why someone would wish him dead but Quarme Zaggy and Flex Entertainment are taking the issue very seriously and would soon make a decision as to whether to report the threats to the police or totally ignore the threats. Irrespective of the threats, Quarme Zaggy is still focusing on his music career.

    Flex Entertainment in a bid to ensure its artiste is safe to concentrate on his music career, would soon send an official complaint to Facebook to help in initial investigations and ensure whoever is behind the threats is brought to book.

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