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    Ayigbe Edem: a rapper, a philanthropist and a thief?

    by Ebenezer Anangfio Jnr.
    posted Friday, 06 November 2009 19:10| 0 Comments

    Ayigbe Edem has really won my heart for his sheer smartness. He is yet to settle fully in the game and yet he is doing what the likes of Reggie Rockstones, Kojo Antwis and Daddy Lumbas could have done but have turned deaf ears to it.

    From a rapper to a philanthropist and now to a thief? Oh God, have Mercy! Ayigbe Edem has seen and heard a lot.

    A Rapper
    We all wink when we hear a song done in our language, like I do when I hear a song from Shilo and Tinny. It is also trouble-free for an Akan rapper to rap or sing in the Ga language and vice versa but rapping in the Ewe language hasn't been easy unless the rapper might have sojourned in Volta Region before.

    In the backdrop, when Ewe rappers like Chicago and Agbeko of ototome fame proved to the whole world that they are jaded, with the latter, it seems he is a hit single artist. Ayigbe Edem came to the spot light to pick it up from where they left out and has managed to let the Voltarians wink once again.

    Even though majority of Ghanaians do not speak his language, Ayigbe Edem has made the language more popular with his rap knack and has introduced more dances to accompany his songs.

    A Philanthropist
    In his earlier donations, he donated two Pentium 4 desktop computers with flat screen monitors, bags of rice, cerelacs, toilet rolls and other items which summed up to GHc3000 to the Mamobi Polyclinic. He also revealed that, this is something that will be happening periodically and whenever they spot any hospital, clinic or polyclinic in need, they will move there.

    True to his promise, he recently donated an amount of GHc1,000 and a Dell flat screen computer, said to be around 750 Dollars to the Weija Leprosarium. This is something worth acknowledging but this pointless $14,000 phone accusation has surpassed what could be welcoming news to the ears of who those who wants to hear it. He has a charity organization, Volta Regime Foundation.

    He said his priority is making people who need help get help. People do not have to be rich before they can donate and help the needy in society. This sends a clear message to the other musicians who want to have many albums before thinking about the less privileged in our society.

    And A Thief
    It was reported in the P&P newspaper that Ayigbe Edem is accused of stealing a mobile phone which is estimated at Fourteen thousand dollars belonging to the CEO of Aphrodisiac Night Club in Accra; Confidence Haugen.

    What phone is worth that much? Talking about the price of the phone, I wondered if the first and the second richest men even own this kind of phone.

    P&P gathered that Ayigbe Edem was accused of stealing the phone from Confidence's car when the two in the company of others went to perform at the 'Aboakye' festival at Winneba in the Central region in May.

    I am trying harder to grasp why Confidence came out with the alleged theft several months after the incidence. Is it because Ayigbe Edem left her or is she up to something? Behind every successful man there is a 'wise' woman says the old adage but there is also a woman behind every unsuccessful man. What is the brain behind this $14,000 phone accusation?

    If there are two grown ups in a relationship and there is a problem, why can't they solve it peacefully? What is Confidence Haugen up to? Is this a broken relationship or missing / stolen phone?

    Did you miss this? Please take a moment and check it out now!

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