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    Dr Poundz finds his voice on Pluzz 89.9 FM at last

    by Samuel A. Baah, Flex Newspaper
    posted Thursday, 17 October 2013 09:32| 0 Comments

    You can hide, but you cannot run is  what some people are trying to tell Maximous Addae Mensah aka Dr Poundz of Pluzz 89.9 fm and his team of producers who have been keeping Accra in high tension these days in the afternoon.

    When Pluzz fm started their test transmission after their triumphant come back, the fan base of Dr Poundz never ceased asking when the man known for that free advertising segment in his programme will start talking for them to hear his Fante way of saying things. Flex newspaper is assuring its readers and fans of Dr Poundz that the dude will activate the microphone this Wednesday afternoon without fear or favour.

    It will be recalled that in Flex newspaper edition 255, a writer announced the come back of Dr Poundz and Fiifi Sellah adding that the growth of  Pluzz fm lies on their shoulders therefore all eyes are on them to do some magic to their followers and admirers in bringing back the lost glory.

    Yes, they are doing their best in introducing some new programmes to their listeners, one being the Pluzz Today programme which was introduced last Monday and being hosted by Kwame Tutu.

    The Drive Time segment was the strength of the station when it started operating some months back, therefore it is in the right place that the show is introduced to augment the efforts of Fiifi Sellah`s Reggae Embassy which runs every afternoon from 1-3pm. Meanwhile, Dr Poundz started playing some three weeks back but he was not talking to his listeners and only served them with good Ghanaian music from all generations.  Dr Pounds will start interacting with his followers sooner than later.

    His strong fan base cuts across the young and the old who love good music coupled with lighter issues in life. In an interview with Flex newspaper at Pluzz fm last Monday, he told this writer that he was warming up for the Drive Time called Easy Drive to take off. “As man takes  respite in what he does, there comes a time that one needs to learn and assess your output over a period. That is what I was trying to do with the days I was only playing music and not talking. Enough of the learning process now and I feel the fans are also asking why I am not talking. I can`t keep them in suspense any longer so I feel I have to do what they want for them to enjoy what they missed over these periods.

    Therefore this Wednesday, I will start talking to my people and interacting with them like we always do. I am sure I have some new items they will be interested in so they should join the wagon as we move to take over Accra once again” Poundz  told Flex newspaper in an interview.

    Well, now that he has started talking on his Easy Drive programme, the best we can do is to stay behind and do an assessment of how he will fare on the show after a long hiatus. He is now the new kid on the block as much as rolling out of programmes on Pluzz fm is concerned. Programmes manager Fiifi Sellah is still promising some other interesting and exciting programmes soon.

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