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    Our musicians need to do physical exercise

    by Kwame Dadzie
    posted Monday, 21 October 2013 21:45| 13 Comments

    People in the showbiz industry like dancers and musicians who perform their works on stage would find it difficult to perform well if they are not physically fit.

    Most of our musicians for example, are not physically fit so are not able to put up good acts when they mount stages to perform.

    Especially with those musicians who would want to be jumping on stage or dancing while performing, one nI have found out that an impression has been created that if you don't make unnecessary noise on stage, scream so that you lose your voice, so that you hold up the microphone for the audience to sing for you, you are not a good performer.

    This has gone to affect even most gospel and high life musicians who hitherto would concentrate on the songs they perform than jumping about and screaming. Now they also want to be seen as active so they have started copying the hiplife musicians and their jumping about on stage. Unfortunately, most of those people don't have the cardiovascular endurance to do such strenuous things on stage. So they come on stage few minutes into a performance and they are panting like pregnant fish.

    This affects their act so much because once tiredness sets in and the panting begins, it affects the voice and vocal delivery because one needs the normal breath from the diaphragm and pulse to produce the right notes.

    I have heard most people say that music and dance is a form of exercise, a reason why most musicians would not do physical exercise aside the usual jumping about they do that gets them tired in no time but that shouldn't be the case.

    As a performer, you need to do constant physical exercises. The exercise is what will make you fit when you are on stage. You exercise to get fit before you mount a stage; you don't go on stage to do exercise. Otherwise, you can't have good performance.

    There have been many instances where some musicians have tried to be 'active' on stage as in jumping and shouting so people will think they are performing well but at last did abysmally poor because they may not have been the type that do regular physical exercise to ensure the strength of their hearts.

    It is very important to exercise, even your doctor will tell you. Some dawn jogging on at least weekends, gym workouts, skip-roping and others help to keep the heart strong and the body is always in a healthy state.

    Most of our performers don't do this. Rather, they eat foods full of cholesterol which they won't even have time to burn through exercise. Most of them too have also taken to alcohol, smoking and other debauchery lifestyles that weaken them slowly.

    The truth is that the nature of their work may make it difficult to find time to do any exercise at all because they are almost on the run attending to things that will put food on their tables but if they realize that being fit is a pre requisite to making their careers better, they will allot some time for it too.

    There so many heart ailments that are claiming lives in our time and are making others sick. In fact, most people are sick in their hearts without even knowing.  I am by this posing as a doctor for today to advise all performers to take regular physical exercise more seriously so they can have the capacity to perform well even while they are moving energetically on stage.

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