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    'Calling' video review: Phamous Philms please sit up

    by ghlive.com
    posted Friday, 15 November 2013 19:28| 0 Comments

    A couple years ago, Phamous Philms was one of the biggest production houses in Africa, known for the production of some of the best videos on the continent, with videos such as 2face-Love is a crime, Buk Bak- Gonja Barracks and Obour- Me wobiom and a lot of other award winning videos which could stand the test of time.

    But recently, videos from the camp of Phamous Philms have not been consistent with quality, good concept and post production.

    The saddest part is, as other country directors such as Clarence Peters, God father production, Sesan; are seriously improving with their video production, our major player in the video production industry has taken a nose dive with their lack of consistency.

    One video that got me seriously worried was the Vibz ft Sarkodie – Calling, directed by Phamous Philms. For a video that cost over, 5000 cedis, I can bet my last breadth that, that is not value for money.

    For a company that produces a television show that criticizes and rates videos base on their quality and production, Phamous TV, that was one of the wackiest videos shot for a good song like that in the history of entertainment.

    Seriously, the video looked like; either the guys did not pay for it, or phamous people had no idea what they were doing on set with the video.

    The video has everything in the shot, from the lights, ladder, dirty background and old cameras, and looks like there was nobody on set to direct, or the camera was just set and allowed to roll. If that was to make the video look better, I am sorry it did not work, and actually ridiculed whoever thought of it, as well as those who agreed to push it.

    I thought with Gyo taking pictures with the famous Red Camera all over social media, the result from the Phamous camp would have the best of quality, and a standard to look up to.

    To the post production, the picture quality was bad as the production, and there was too much use of flears and leaks.

    It appears other videos from Phamous Philms have had the same treatment and results, which is very sad because other African competitors as Clearance peters, Sesan, Moe Musa and others are doing great and making their countries proud.

    Phamous philms every year you come up with a great video that blow our minds but currently looking at the competition and comparing your videos to that of directors mentioned above, you really really need to do better.

    Like your presenter, kim, will say we want the best video for the development of our industry that is why we criticize.

    Did you miss this? Please take a moment and check it out now!

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