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    Who is this faceless coward?

    by MUDAG’s National General Secretary & MUDAG’
    posted Saturday, 16 November 2013 07:37| 0 Comments

    We the Music Council of Ghana and sub-unions with its heads used and cited as referrals in what seem like an insinuation and indirect personal attacks yet at the same time, made to look like a wise proverbial council from a very concerned and well-meaning person of MUSIGA to and for all those inferred in the article MUSIGA must dissolve all factions in the union and posted on the www.musicghana.net/?p=2521#sthash.GdcH7Zqe.dpuf in relation to what has been transpiring lately in the music industry in Ghana, exposing the rot and some corrupt practices as well as the ineffective administration of the policy and the implementation structures to properly run the affairs of the industry over the years.

    Which until recently had gone undetected, unchecked and unchallenged with some executives of both past and present administration and office holders used unduly as an advantage to ran and mann it as if, it was a personal business setup or family heritage.

    How on earth can anyone who want to sound like a messenger of peace making a clarion call on MUSIGA to dissolve all the factions in the union as though they were little foxes destroying the entire vine thus killing the game and the same vein ignorantly yet thought it wise and innovative to choose and pick personalities and tag them as being the brains behind the disintegrating and mishaps of the Musicians Union of Ghana by referring to them as rumor advocates and vision killers.

    Instead of being sincere and realistic, a person with a reconciliatory spirit based on the modalities of fairness, justice, probity and accountability by further digging into some of the allegations leveled against the present administration and its leadership as prior to their being elected into office and what has been the actual that led to the fallen out and formation of the new bodies he/she refereed to factions and sub unions instead of rubbishing those claims as been unsubstantial just because they were not back with enough evidence in the form of picture, video and voice recordings.

    How ridiculous’ he/ she have known where there is no wood the fire goes out and always also, an iota of truth in every rumor.

    Though one does not to rush to the courts just because he/she has a complain.

    This writer sounding like a good judge would have done him/herself and everyone some good by doing some proper investigation or rechecking of the fact stated or as given in these allegations, instances like the distribution of rlg laptops, mobile phones of money in the tune of GHC50 and GHC300 to buy votes by the camp of the sitting president Bice Osei Kuffuor (Obuor) as alleged by the supporters of various camps and also the inability of the other bodies whom he referred to as shared of money applicants to get their applied share of the GHC 2,000,000 given to the creative Arts Industry by the President of Ghana John Dramani Mahama. Instead, he/she chose to indirectly attack the persons of Mr. Ekow Micah, the Current President of the reconstituted and endorsed Music Council of Ghana alleging him to be the second major brain behind some of these factions going on in the music industry asking whether he Ekow, was a peace leader. Because he had previously performed during MUSIGA peace concert at the independence square and claimed then that we are one people.

    He / she is baffled quoting him. Thus leaving the person in no doubt as the ring leader or the actual person to be blamed for killing the game plan of MUSIGA instead of the music industry in general, referring to Mr. George William Dickson, the selfless hardworking and dedicate person to the music industry and not just the leader of the Musicians and Dancers Association of Ghana (MUDAG) as the said fingered personality and witch hunting personality by MUSIGA.

    For their mishaps that this writer claimed to have met once in a meeting at the Amakye Dede Spot where issues of that occurred during the last elections were sorted out. The fact the he George William Dickson is not satisfied with Obour’s ADJUMAPA for the union, while not go on a Demo or setup an Entertainment Judgment Committee to look into matters.

    He/She should have learnt to know from the wise that he who hates, disguises it with his lips and lays up deceit within himself, when he speaks kindly, do not believe him, for there are seven abominations in his heart. Though his hatred is covered by deceit, his wickedness will be revealed before the assembly.

    This face of a coward is hiding before the print and the electronic media to maliciously verify the innocent for the woes in MUSIGA due to the rot now stinking because there seems to be no remedy to salvage them.

    It will be better for this person behind the unsavory article and disrespectful inferences to the extent that a whole government instituted established authorized and mandated body was referred to as “Even” the Ministry of Tourism, Culture and the Creative Arts (MTCCA) as though as have until now been in bed with them but now seem to have found a new love in the music council and therefore betrayed them MUSIGA and its president.

    We advised him/her to learn more to know what goes into setting and achieving and the ADJUMAPA concept touted as the laudable of his personified visioneer in the person of Obuor to see if he will not come into the same conclusion of fairness, justice, probity and accountability.

    Patriotic flags being raised as concerns and important issues which needed to be properly generously and humbly investigated into and addressed rather than the spiteful and irrational name calling and negative rumor advocacy on innocent people.

    He/She should henceforth before jumping the gun above his or her reach first check to see if there are no bullets for it may be cocked already.

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