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    4Syte TV Music Video Awards makes history

    by News-One
    posted Thursday, 28 November 2013 09:17| 0 Comments

    For the first time in the recent history of Ghana’s entertainment, only one artiste has cried foul after an awards ceremony has been held for musicians.

    About a fortnight ago when the 2013 edition of the 4Syte TV Music Video Awards came off, Kwaw Kesse is reported to have cried foul while all other nominees and awardees are applauding the event.

    This is rather a rare positive development in Ghanaian showbiz circles because the trend had been that several nominees get vexed after the event and lambast the public.

    Arts writers who also have a preference for one nominee or the other also would usually join in the lambasting fray.

    Strangely, organizers of the 4Syte TV Music Video Awards are rather being criticized for petty lapses that happened through no fault of theirs.

    One of the most common criticisms has been that the event’s venue, the Accra International Conference Centre, was too hot during the programme because the air condition was not functioning properly.

    How does one blame an event organizer for such a lapse when they have absolutely no control over the air-condition system of the Conference Centre and would have wished the auditorium was much cooler.

    Issues of microphones going off intermittently, again, are technical problems but not a slip on the part of organisers.

    During the ‘Guinness Big Eruption’ concert, Wizkid had his microphone changed several times while he performed because it was malfunctioning.

    That does not mean the organizers should be lambasted.

    It is an open knowledge that most event organizers in Ghana hire the sound equipment persons who parade themselves as sound professionals.

    When such sound professionals are hired and paid and their mics, for one reason or the other, fail to function, it would be unfair for any art pundit to push the blame on the organizer rather than the company providing the sound or lights.

    In summary, the fifth edition of the MTN 4Syte TV Music Video Awards was by every standard a mega success and a big credit to the organizers.

    Awards events are twofold—the presentation of the awards itself and the entertainment of the guests.

    The organizers should be given some credit for the fact that the nomination process, nomination jams and the presentation of the awards itself was a success and was not marred with reports of scandals or bias.

    On the night, the guests sat through and were entertained by paid artistes. If an artiste failed to live up to expectation, that is another subject of debate.

    For instance, while some said they were in love with Sarkodie’s opening act, others said they were impressed with Shatta Wale’s performance, which was saved for the last.

    It was a historic night of glitz, glamour and ‘dressed to kill’ celebs.

    It was an evening of suspense as the crème de la crème of entertainers, that is, musicians, movie stars, artiste managers, producers, video directors, radio and television presenters and other entertainment industry stakeholders gathered to celebrate audio visual achievements in Ghana and, indeed, it was celebrated with a touch of class.

    At the end of the day, Sarkodie won the Most Influential Artiste Award while his new track, ‘Illuminati’, won three other categories, making him the topmost winner of the night.

    Did you miss this? Please take a moment and check it out now!

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