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    Ronnie Coaches married Cynthia for green card purposes - Ophelia

    by Ellwood Mantey
    posted Thursday, 28 November 2013 10:22| 1 Comments

    The “known widow” of Ronny Coaches, Ophelia Adusei Acheampong has discounted any truth in the public pronouncements by a Ghanaian based New York lady that she is the deceased musician.

    Speaking to a team of staff from Pluzz 89.9 FM at her father’s residence at Dansoman Zone6, Ophelia expressed total shock at the news of another woman claiming to be the official lover of the late Ronnie Coaches. Ophelia Adusei Acheampong noted that as far as both her family and the late Ronnie’s family is concerned.

    She (Ophelia) is the recognized lady in the life of Ronnie Coaches until his sudden death last Thursday November 21st 2013.

    Ophelia however disclosed to the Pluzz Fm’s team led by Kwame Tutu host of “Pluzz Today” the breakfast show of the Accra based radio station that a “marriage ceremony” of a sort was organized between her late husband and Cynthia Takyiwaa.

    Explaining further, Ophelia said it was not “marriage” in that sense but the usual process for people aiming to acquire legally valid document to stay abroad.

    Ophelia said the lady in question (Cynthia Takyiwaa) only offered to help in that direction but some stage marriage ceremony needed to be done-hence those pictures which need to look like Ronnie actually got “married” to her. The interview was granted in the presence of many relatives of Ophelia including her father.

    Ophelia Adusei Acheampong further disclosed that Cynthia Takyiwaa a.k.a Blessing used her “papers” (citizenship documents) to deceive the late Ronnie as it was later discovered that she (Cynthia Takyiwaa) was married to one- Mohammed; therefore she couldn’t use her “papers” to secure a stay for Ronnie even if the “Kluu Brofo” singer were alive and still wanted to stay in the United state of America.

    Ophelia has challenged the media to do proper check on Cynthia Takyiwaa a.k.a Cynthia Mohammed and find out who her real husband is.

    It would be recalled that a New York based Ghanaian lady stirred controversy last Friday November 22nd 2013 on Pluzz 89.9 FM’s breakfast show when she intimated that she is legally married to Ronnie Coaches of blessed memory. The news has made headlines across media platform.

    The controversy seems to be “degenerating” even as a week celebration of the death of the partner of BukBak music duo is yet to be performed. Stay tuned as pluzz 899.9 FM’s team delves into the murky issues.

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